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GoE Professional Members in Switzerland

The following are Professional Members of the GoE. Please use the search box below, refine by qualification or region. If you would like to be listed here, please see: How To Join

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Refine this list by Region: Aesch, Agiez, Aigle, Arnex-Sur-Orbe, Beinwil am See, Berne, Bulle, Cormondrèche, Cortaillod, Fresens, Graubünden, Lignières, Luzern, Matran, Murist, Neuchâtel, Onex, Savièse, Sissach, Ticino, Yverdon, Yverdon-Les-Bains, Zurich, Zürich, or click here to show membersin all countries.

Conny Sennhauser

Conny Sennhauser

  • Aesch, Switzerland
  • Phone +41763234811

Samuel Taillet

  • Agiez, Switzerland

Malou Zaugg

  • Aigle, Switzerland

Christiane Ducommun-Russi

  • Arnex-Sur-Orbe, Switzerland
Heidi Saputelli

Heidi Saputelli

  • GoE Trainer
  • Beinwil am See, Switzerland
  • Phone 062 772 02 34
  • Mobile 079 578 81 08
Reto Wyss

Reto Wyss

  • GoE Trainer
  • Herzogenbuchsee, Berne, Switzerland
  • Phone +41 62 962 9212

Marie Toesca

  • Bulle, Switzerland

Marie-Luce Bourquin

  • Cormondrèche, Switzerland

Anne-Marie Wütschert

  • Cortaillod, Switzerland

Thomas Doaré

  • Fresens, Switzerland
Angelica Zemp

Angelica Zemp

  • Chur, Graubünden, Switzerland
  • Mobile 0041 76 502 57 08

Karin Müller

  • Lignières, Switzerland

Regula Bühler

  • Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland
  • Phone 078 633 2747

Thévenaz Pascale

  • Matran, Switzerland

Martine Losey-Duc

  • Murist, Switzerland

Anne-Marie Broi

  • Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Katia Billard

  • Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Chevalley Carmen

  • Onex, Switzerland

Nicole Dubuis

  • Savièse, Switzerland
Corinne Buchta- Muster

Corinne Buchta- Muster

  • Sissach, Switzerland

Elisabetta Reist

  • Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
  • Phone +4191 911 55 45

Tenzin Dotsang

  • Yverdon, Switzerland
Rosette Poletti

Rosette Poletti

  • GoE Trainer
  • Yverdon-Les-Bains, Switzerland
  • Mobile 0041 79 4316628

Bettina Stahl

  • Zürich, Switzerland
Stefan Marcec

Stefan Marcec

  • Au-Wädenswil, Zurich, Switzerland

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