Mental Health Problems - Can We Help? - Conference Presentation Announced

Mental Health Problems - Can We Help? - Conference Presentation Announced

Baya Salmon-Hawk will be the fourth presenter on the first day of the 2010 EMO Energy Conference. Baya is an EMO Trainer with a wealth of experience and is a guest lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Herfordshire.

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Baya Salmon-Hawk will explore using EMO when we encounter people who suffer from severe disorders like Personality Disorder,  Scizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. Together, we will look at:

· How to soften and flow our emotions during these encounters.

· How to open up to compassion and kindness in the face of such difficulties

· How to know when we are not able to help

· How and to whom to refer onto with love and respect.

· How EMO has helped people who felt they were beyond help

EMO is a very useful tool for people who have very serious problems with their mental health and they can benefit greatly from using the technique. It offers them a way to understand the world and a way to feel in charge of their emotions without resorting to self-harmful behaviours and suicidal thoughts.

However, particularly when we start on the path, we might feel overwhelmed by their pain and their feelings and may be frightened by our own feelings of powerlessness.

So this session will encourage you to process your worst fears that are blocking your energy fields and thus make you more able to be compassionate and helpful.

We will look at some case studies of people with such diagnosis that have been helped by EMO.

And finally, we will look at the energy of “referring on” and explore how, when and to whom.

Baya is a Guest Lecturer in Mental Health at the University of Herfordshire and has been a trainer of EMO for many years. She used to work within the National Health Service and used the technique whilst working in a Community Mental Health Team.

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