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Meridian Treatments Reduce Migraines

A study published today led by Dr Peter Fisher, research director at Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, concludes that acupuncture can help cut the number of migraine headaches in regular sufferers.

In the study, 400 migraine patients in England and Wales received up to 12 acupuncture treatments over three months, as opposed to standard care from their GP (Doctor).

The acupuncture treated patients experienced 22 fewer days of chronic discomfort per year and used 15% less medication.

They also made 25% fewer visits to their GPs and took 15% fewer days off work according to a report in the British Medical Journal Online.

The report says, "The effects of acupuncture seem long lasting - headache scores were lower and medication scores were lower in the acupuncture group."

Calling for an expansion of the treatment on the NHS, it is suggested that the extra cost of ยฃ200 per year per patient would be more than offset by the savings in consultation fees and savings on drugs.

15. 03. 2004

It would be interesting to consider how the inclusion of meridian based self help protocols such as EFT for the patients to use in between visits and for stress prevention would further affect such a study, and just how much this would lift the effectiveness of the work that is being done on the energy body via the acupuncture sessions.
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