Michael Flatley Dances Again - Thanks To Energy Healing!

Michael Flatley Dances Again - Thanks To Energy Healing!

Michael Flatley, "The Lord of the Dance" and known worldwide for the sensation he created at the 1994 Dublin Eurovision when he introduced his modern version "Riverdance" is back on tour, back in training, and dancing again - thanks to energy healing.

In this interview, Michael Flatley tells about his illness that no modern hospital was able to cure and which left him so weak, he could hardly speak, and how he was healed by an Irish energy healer to be able to dance again.


Some additional thoughts.

How long before people get their heads around the fact that not all problems human beings experience are physical in origin, and therefore cannot be treated by physical/chemical means?

How long before energy healing becomes the first choice, being cheap, pain free, simple and you know right away if it works or not, rather than the last choice, after a veritable fortune has been spent on everything else under the sun and the client has suffered often for years without any improvement or hope for the future?

Energy healing isn't mysterious, and all manner of human problems that are deemed to be "all in their heads" or "just psychosomatic" are simply energy body related and can be quickly and successfully treated with energy healing. It's so simple!

There is nothing spooky about energy healing and it is wonderful to see a sensible man like Michael Flatley standing up in public and telling it as it is.

It is high time that energy healing should take its rightful place in the treatment of people's problems, simply, logically, and easily.

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