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Mind Healing

Mind Healing

The vast majority of people who think they are mad or crazy and in need of "mind healing" actually have nothing wrong with their minds at all.

Disturbed and disturbing thoughts, images, voices and ideas are a natural result, a side effect, of a deeper disturbance - and that is the key to real mind healing.

Mind Healing

by Silvia Hartmann

People like to think that it is their mind or their thinking that causes disturbed emotions and disturbed behaviors; or that there is something wrong with their mind that needs healing, but that's actually not true.

The mind is simply the surface of a pond, reflecting the disturbances in the water below.

Depending on the "emotional state" someone is in, they will think the requisite thoughts to go with that exact emotional state.

The more disturbed the emotional state, the more disturbed the thoughts become in a direct cause-and-effect relationship.

We have a really neat example of this which we cite often, a quote from In Serein:

"Fools, all of them.

And me, of course. I couldnโ€™t help but laugh then. Lord of Darkness, indeed. Lord of Fools would be a far more fitting description. Perhaps I could find a suitable translation in the ancient language and use it for my title, and as a new family motto.

Now I should not have thought that. Indeed, I should not think at all, for what could a fool be thinking of but further foolishness?"

This is Lord Lucian speaking, and he's clearly angry and upset; but he does strike the heart of the matter when he puts a stop to the thought spiral that has him think of himself as "the lord of fools" by saying, "What could a fool be thinking than further foolishness?"

On this occasion, Lord Lucian managed to break the "thought loops" that have their very genesis in a DISTURBANCE - a physical disturbance caused directly by disturbed emotions, and disturbed emotions are the symptom for an ENERGY SYSTEM disturbance.

Energy system disturbances (injuries, wounds, blockages, reversals etc.) DIRECTLY CAUSE a person to enter a full body state of disturbance, and we KNOW we are one of those when we have the corresponding disturbed EMOTIONS.

And of course, the disturbed emotions DIRECTLY CAUSE the corresponding disturbances in thought and reason, which make it seem as though "the mind is sick and needs healing".

The mind is just the symptom, and the disturbed thoughts are just a side effect.

You can think of it like a TV set that has fallen off the table and now the tuning has gone off; instead of a clear sound and pictures that make sense, you are getting "disturbed" and "garbled" messages; the worse the damage to the TV, the more garbled the messages become. That is what happens to the thoughts and the mind when the energy system is disturbed; and just as a TV can't be made to broadcast clear sounds and pictures by arguing with it, a disturbed mind can't be argued with to start behaving itself in an orderly fashion.

True mind healing therefore starts NOT by arguing the "facts" with a depressed person or a schizophrenic; or indeed a fool, or to use a better phrase, any person stuck in a FOOL STATE - every single one of us has entered these "troubled waters of the mind" often enough and spent some time in all sorts of fool's places, from the ubiquitous, "Nobody loves me and no-one ever will ..." to "Oh what's the point I might as well be dead ..." and then some.

There are two really, really important things to remember about mind healing.


Mind Healing - The Top Two Commandments

No. 1: Disturbed thinking of ANY kind can't be cured by thinking even further disturbed thoughts or by arguing with the "nonsense" messages that a disturbed mind naturally produces;

... and ...

No.2: You need to deal with the underlying spiritual, physical and energy body disturbances which are causing the SYMPTOMS of disturbed thought in the first place.

I have likened the activity of trying to "cure disturbed thought" by more words and further thoughts to surgeons busily chasing the screams of a patient around the room with a butterfly net, whilst the patient lies untended, with a great big gaping hole in their chest.

That simply won't work for mind healing.

But the good news for mind healing is that when the disturbed systems of emotion and physicality are brought to some semblance of Even Flow, or normal operating temperature and procedure, THE MIND FOLLOWS SUIT right away and the thoughts we think become much, much more logical, much more reasonable and you can think once more with a "healthy mind".

Here are some quick tips on the topic of mind healing, or more likely, energy body calming; these things work up to a point. When the mind is so disturbed that it ONLY produces "foolish thoughts" and these are all there is, it's too late - a person has entered the fool state and now they will have to wait until time, a migraine attack or something else comes along to "reset the system" back to normal.

The most important thing here is the time factor in the unfoldment of the foolishness river that becomes the uncontrollable waterfall.


Mind Healing - Watch Out For Foolish Thoughts ...

Watch out for foolish thoughts.

As soon as you become aware of thinking anything at all that is clearly just foolishness, such as "I'm unworthy" or "I'll never be able to ..." or anything at all that in a rational state of mind would be immediately spotted for the foolish thought that it is, in truth, STOP.

Remember: "What could a fool be thinking but further foolishness?"

Take some action to CALM DOWN YOUR SYSTEMS. This is your chance to paddle to the shore, before the stream of foolishness becomes a raging river and you really will lose all control. Step away from that console. Get up and walk away. STOP what you are doing and focus on something else, anything else, such as a body sensation or a bright light - just get out of that particular thought loop.

If you are given to a lot of these cascading thought rivers that lead into black pits of despair, raging anger, misery and depression, anxiety attacks, paranoia, overwhelming sadness, rage, and so on, you will need to treat the root causes of these disturbances, the systems which CAUSE those thoughts to turn up in the first place.

Energy psychology is EXCELLENT for this, and EMO Energy Healing was CUSTOM MADE to deal with these disturbances and bring your emotions back to the Even Flow, thus allowing your mind to start thinking clearly and logically once more.

If you are seeking "mind healing", this is absolutely the way forward.

Remember, your mind is not your enemy and your thoughts are not the problem; nor are your memories or the events of your life, even though that seems to be the problem at the surface.

The problem is an injury in the energy system, and once that has been successfully dealt with, emotions follow suit, and your thinking becomes clear and logical again as well.

To heal the mind, we need to heal the injuries in the energy body - it is as simple as that.

If you are seeking mind healing, you can achieve this with EMO energy healing. You can download a free introduction guide to EMO here which explains how easy it is to achieve REAL healing of mind, emotions and spirit by targeting where the real problems actually lie - namely in the energy system.

Silvia Hartmann

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