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MM Energy Intensive - For Professionals Silvia Hartmann writes: Hello all, I am delighted to announce a very special product for professional therapists, healers and workshop leaders. This is the MindMillion Energy Intensive - WEALTH. It is a straightforward but extremely powerful channel clearer in 7 steps to use for yourself firstly and foremostly; the purchase price includes a full end user license for replication of the WORK SHEETS for use with clients and in workshops, courses, and groups. I am really pleased with this product as it has some GREAT features which include:

  • Straightforward, very intuitive and VERY easy to use;

  • Extremely thorough - this set of protocols shifts literally LOADS of disturbances;

  • Completely safe and ecological - users work with their own issues and at their own pace;

  • Very intensive experience for the user - you really KNOW and FEEL that stuff has been shifted, permanently;

  • And it is really exciting to do because you get not just feelings and energy stuff going on but you *consciously* get insights, understandings and new ideas.

I choose WEALTH as the topic, but as this is actually a high level VALUES clearer and changer, it is designed so you can use it with clients and in workshops on other high level values topics such as:







... as well - the templates for the work sheets are customisable to simply replace the topic of WEALTH with the topic of your choice.
Also included of course is a blank template so you can add your own topic, whatever it may be and including the possibility of replacing the topic with a NAME for real release, and re-setting the entire energy system to a state of flow, re-charged and fully energized and ready for ACTION in a whole new way.
Lastly, I have included a brand new techniques group which occurred to me whilst fine tuning this set. It works with the Totality Chakra system instead of the Meridian system; it is completely new and amazing to do and to experience.
This also formats itself to self help, use with clients in a professional setting (one session, set of many sessions, telephone consultations) and a superb workshop (introduction evening, one day, two day) on whatever topic is important and valuable to YOUR clients.
EFT and EMO knowledge/experience is pre-supposed to use this outstanding, generative tool for intensive energy clearance and re-charging.
I am *really* pleased with the way this has turned out and personally, I think that is exactly what is needed to help make a clean start on a topic rather than to mess with endless details and recurring problems one by one.
If you are a fellow professional in the field, this multi-level product will make you a LOT of money and please your clients no end; you will have a LOT of fun with this.
Details of the MindMillion Energy Intensive are on now,
with best wishes,
PS: I'll be conducting both an EMO and an GoE Trainers Training in conjunction with the European Energy Therapies conference in Brighton - so if you are coming, see you there!
Silvia Hartmann
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