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Modern Energy Tapping in Coaching

Modern Energy Tapping in Coaching

GoE Trainer, Modern Energy Coach and Author Jorge Vence talks of how Modern Energy Tapping was the cataylst that took his coaching skills to a whole new level. To quote him " I can honestly say that the moment I learned Modern Energy Tapping was one of the best in my life, not only did I get so much value at a personal level but what it enabled me to do for others, that alone is PRICELESS". 

Want to learn more about what Modern Energy Tapping can do for you and your clients, read on.....

Using Modern Energy Tapping in Coaching

It isn’t uncommon during a coaching session for the client to stumble across a painful or uncomfortable subject or memory, not knowing how to handle these scenarios can be both detrimental to the sessions and ‘awkward’ for both client and coach. 

So, having a tool or technique to help us ease or manage these is paramount, it shows how professional we are and also how much we care about our clients. 

Approximately 5 years when I was new to this work I was in London doing a spirituality workshop, there I met a lady with whom I had shared most of the day, once she found out about what I did (coaching and healing), she asked me: do you do EFT?

What is that I asked?

Her reply was: it involves energy and I believe it would be ideal for you as it seems to harmoniously bring together what you do. 

I was so intrigued and next thing I was booked for a workshop and the rest is history, as they say…

From the moment I learned about Tapping, I knew it was a powerful tool and that it would be of benefit to my clients as well as me. 

Truth be told at first, I struggled with the set ups and “negatives” used in ‘Classic EFT', though I stuck with. 

It wasn’t until I discovered Modern Energy Tapping (MET) that EVERYTHING changed for me. 

So what was different about this form of tapping? 

EVERYTHING! It uses positives, there are no setups AND you can tap anywhere! 

Have you ever had a client who starts to cry and seems to forget everything they know? 

How can you explain to someone who doesn’t seem so coherent what to do? 

Would you use negative and disempowering language with someone who already feels awful about who they are? 

And to make matters even worse, how do you think a client who constantly repeats to themselves that they are “rubbish” human beings would feel saying: I love and accept myself?

These were some of my concerns when I started using ‘Classic EFT' in the past, I’d be very conservative and somewhat cautious when using it with my clients. 

Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with Modern Energy Tapping, on the contrary, I felt at ease and so happy to tap with others. 

How do I use MET with my clients? 

Since being a member of the Guild of Energists, GoE for short, I have learned so much as an Energist and Coach; I even wrote a training programme with Silvia Hartmann (Modern Energy Coach Professional); the core lessons I have learned are: 

  1. Managing stress and raising Energy must be done at all times, by doing so we keep the client empowered at all times and progress is made faster;

  2. Client and coach/therapist are a team, we grow and evolve together, magic happens when all the parts participate fully; and

  3. Whatever happened, whatever happens and whatever will happen it is ONLY energy. 

So, whenever I see a client new or not, at the beginning we simply take the time to be in each other’s presence, it may sound simple but in practice is a totally different thing, to be with someone is to let them in, regardless, and allow them to be a contribution to 'us'. 

The session will start where we left off and whatever goal was set will be discussed, at this point some clients would be anxious or a host of feelings and emotions would appear, so I learned to start by asking my clients to place their hands in the heart and soul position, I remind them to breathe and the conversation starts.

By reminding my clients to breathe I encourage them to ease into the session, it also reminds them that it is only energy; there have been occasions in which they become upset and their energy lowers, so at this point I ask them: 

What is missing?

What energy do we need to bring you up in the Energy Chart? 

Notice how I use language that encourages the client to come out of their state, rather than to keep them there, they think what is missing and by doing this, they remain in control. 

Remember: there is only energy and the absence of Energy!!! 

My clients get into a state because there is the absence of an Energy and my role is to together with my client figure out what Energy would ‘fill’ that void and move them forward.

A small discussion here helps us reveal what really is there, and the Energy missing; once we identity the missing Energy we start a round of tapping, normally I let the client tap for themselves; however, if the client is too stressed with their permission I’d tap on them for however long is necessary. 

At this point the client is back on track and the sessions continues.

I have learned to ask powerful questions, what this really means is that I ask questions no one ever asks or questions that the client never thought anyone would ever ask. 

These questions may stir feelings and emotions on my clients, so again, if needed we can tap. 

There have been times in which my clients seem to hit a wall and they can’t come up with answers or they can’t see beyond their “problems”. 

When this happens, I encourage them to relax and adopt the heart and soul position, without doing anything else, simply with the intention to let their thoughts flow and come up with answers and solutions. 

We breathe together and we tap without saying anything, we tap from the crown to the fingers, or just let our Energy Minds guide us, the client either follows me or I follow them with the tapping. 

Magic seems to happen before our eyes, as they start to remember things and come up with the answers to the questions asked. 

We allow the Energy to flow and travel where it is needed. 

Five tapping tips for coaches

Tapping can be done at any given time with our clients, however I have learned to listen to the hidden language during the sessions with my clients and I have learned to use the following tips. 

  1. Tap when it feels right, what I mean by this is some clients don’t like tapping, if the client doesn’t like, leave it!

  2. Use the client’s language and metaphors when you tap, keep yourself out of the equation, we are facilitators,

  3. Match the client’s tapping speed,

  4. Understand that not every client knows about tapping, so find a way to explain it to your clients in a very easy manner,

  5. If in doubt, don’t doubt it. 

If you are a coach and a tapper fantastic, find a way that works for you AND your clients. 

If you are a coach and you don’t know much about tapping, find out more about it and share it with your clients, you both will benefit from it. 

Being a coach and a Modern Energy Tapping Professional are two different things, respect and understand that when I client comes to you they will be looking for either a coach or a tapping professional, learn to distinguish when the client needs a coach or a tapping professional AND let them know what you are doing, the less we confuse our clients the more healing and powerful the experience.

Tapping can be fun if we learn how to make it so, at the same time when we share it with our clients let’s stress how they can apply this technique in any area of their lives, at any given time. 

I can honestly say that the moment I learned Modern Energy Tapping was one of the best in my life, not only did I get so much value at a personal level but what it enabled me to do for others, that alone is PRICELESS. 

Lastly, and by no means least, is the fact that when we tap we are engaging each and EVERY one of our senses, our vision, our touch, our speech AND our intuition, aka 6th sense. 

In conclusion 

Tapping has been a great addition to my coaching and healing business, it beautifully united them, making them into a wholesome unit. 

When we tap with our clients, it not only helps the client but it helps us too; we have lives and stresses too, so when we tap our Energy is raised and we are able to manage our stress levels too. 

Tapping isn’t difficult or rocket science; however, it is vital and important to distinguish whether it is ideal for our clients, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

We can tap at the beginning of the session, during or at the end. 

Tapping is ideal for coaches, especially when our clients get upset, it can be daunting for some and if we don’t have the tools it can be uncomfortable for our clients and us; and it shows how professional (and prepared) we are AND that we really care about them. 

Tapping can be fun if we learn to make it so, we can teach our clients how they can use it at any given time, AND to empower them to see their goals and dreams come true, it is ideal for when we aren’t there with them. 

Tapping is gentle and non-invasive, we can use positive and uplifting language AND we get to do it with them so we benefit too! 

Coaching a client is a beautiful and rewarding experience, but it is more powerful and life-enhancing when we have a set of tools that can make the coaching session even more powerful. 

I believe using Modern Energy Tapping in our coaching practices is a real honour because we get to take the client closer to their goals and with our help and guidance they become bolder, braver and much more courageous and quite frankly with coaching alone this transformation couldn’t be possible. 

Tapping is life-changing, coaching is life-changing too AND the two together are life-transforming, which means we go beyond change, we make magic possible and that is what this is all about! 

Thank you for reading, with all my love, 



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