Movement, Money, Crystal Energy & Helping Someone To Feel

Movement, Money, Crystal Energy & Helping Someone To Feel

Three exciting case stories about using energy, movement, EMO and Crystal Energy from Kim Bradley: A frozen person unlocks with EMO and Yoga movements; helping a client with the energy of money; getting someone to feel energy movements who "can't feel a thing" with the help of crystal energy.

I had an amazing time at the conference this year and had some pretty deep healing experiences, especially with the Crystal Energy and with Life Line Healing.

Energy & Movements

I had an EMO 1-1 booked the very day after the conference and fresh with new vigour and ideas I felt excited about how I was going to help this client. The first opportunity to use a new technique came quickly; Silvia had talked about the importance of noticing how the physical body of your client appears.

Particularly notice how they walk in, how they sit, how they move or DON’T move and don’t be afraid to get them up and moving to get their energy flowing.

Ed Grimshaw reminded us about remembering to be client focused and not to slip inward into a Trance like state ourselves. I sat observing my client move energy and she was finding it difficult and stuck in her chest. Her shoulders were up by her ears, her arms were rigid and no amount of deep breaths was freeing her tightly held posture.

“Ha Haa,” I thought, time to get this client moving.

I told her to get up and stretch herself out as her body looked tense and tight. She wasted no time in getting up and yoga stretched all around my therapy room.

Needless to say when we came back to her chest energy, which she softened whilst still moving around on her feet, it went quickly and swiftly.


The Rainbow Crystal & The Energy Of Money

Another opportunity came in the same session. We were handling the energy of money which represented great fear for her that felt like a lead weight on her chest. As the energy of money came towards her she reeled backwards and began to hyper ventilate with panic and saying “No, I can’t go there – it’s too much!”

Quickly I told her to lie down on the floor and pick a crystal out of a pot I had. She picked a rainbow crystal pyramid.

I put the crystal on her chest and told her to just breathe, relax and let the crystal energy come into your heavy chest energy and let it soften for you. All you have to do is relax and let the crystal do the work.

And so it did!! She felt the tingles, then the softening and then pain as it got stuck in her shoulder – we moved the crystal there until it flowed down the arm and again on the other side until eventually all sensations went. I then suggested she bring in the energy of £100 – came in easy, £1,000 – little softening here then easy, £10,000 – again soften a bit, £20,000 easy, £50,000 – easy, £100,000 easy she couldn’t believe it.

A life time of fear of the lack of money came crashing down as it flowed cleanly and easily, tingly and wonderfully throughout her.


Day Two Post Conference – The Big Test

Silvia showed us three ways of using crystal energy and working with EMO and crystals at the Conference.

1. Use the crystal energy to heal a known blockage by placing it on or near the blockage and letting the flow of energy from the crystal come in and do the softening (as used above).

2. Ask your energy mind and the crystal to show you a blockage that the crystal can help to soften.

3. Use crystal energy to show people how to feel energy in their body who have never felt energy before, or who find it difficult.

I’d never really made any emotional connection to the crystals I have in my house – never really taking the time to feel the energy and giving nature of them.

At the conference using crystal energy as described in point 2 gave me such a memorable and emotional moment of connection that it made me come home and wash a whole load of unloved dusty crystals that were scattered around my house!!

I had a conversation with Silvia after that really made me laugh when she said if people do no more than wash the poor things then her job is done !!!


THE BIG TEST: "I can't feel a thing!"

I have a client who simply has not been able to feel her energy at all, no matter how emotional the situation she describes to me – she cannot feel a thing. She loves EFT, but EMO sadly no. I think she may even be shielded from the amount of times I’ve banged on about it to her!!

So, day 2 post conference and I decide to test out Silvia’s theory that crystals help people to feel energy. This is a BIG TEST. Nothing has broken the surface before; not even tapping “I choose to feel energy in my body” has had an effect.

I ask her to choose one of my now shiny crystals from the bowl. She chooses rose quartz. I tell her to put it in the palm of her hand and wait and see if she notices anything.

Over a minute ticks by, both of us looking expectantly at the open hand. She gazes at me, then the crystal then at me whilst I silently pray that something will happen! I tell her just relax, take a deep breath and just be open to what you might feel from the crystal. She does, another minute or more ticks by.

AND THEN, a sensation, a pulsing in her palm. I tell her to soften that sensation and see where it wants to go – it begins to travel up her arm to her elbow. She begins to get a lot of pain in her elbow and is getting a bit freaked out as well!

I soothe and comfort and tell her to put the crystal on the pain in her elbow. Now it travels to her shoulder and she is looking at me like either she has gone mad or I have. We call it a day there as the poor client came for a massage! But I gave her homework to dust off her own crystals and have a go at home.

Following up a month later she did experiment with her crystals at home and again felt energy in her hands and arms.

Another remarkable thing about this case is that my daughter Hannah has recently done an EMO proxy healing for the client’s cat who has cancer. Hannah received wisdom from the cats’ energy that the cat wanted to show the client more about energy and how energy flows in her body. Hannah called the client to tell her this and the client said that only the day before she was sat stroking the cat when she began to feel tingles in her lap and then throughout her body. HALLELUJAH!

I have two more examples of using the new techniques; Using Life Line Healing and using a Tomato!! Yes a tomato. I’ll write about these for next month’s newsletter.

In the meantime – keep EmoTrancing.......

Kim Bradley

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