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My First EMO Experience - Clearing an Energy Block at the Sacrum

Dayawanti D'Sa writes:There has been a lot of talk about EMO, starting with conversation in the dining room at Talbot Hall at Oxford the day Silvia was teaching the EMO course this summer, then on the EP weblists etc. Unfortunately, I did not attend the EMO breakout session at Oxford, nor the one-day training, so I did not have any firsthand experience of the process ...until now.

My First EMO Experience - Clearing an Energy Block at the Sacrum

By Dayawanti D'Sa, BBA [Fin & Bkg], CKHFT [Dip - A.K.] 

There has been a lot of talk about EMO, starting with conversation in the dining room at Talbot Hall at Oxford the day Silvia was teaching the EMO course this summer, then on the EP weblists etc. Unfortunately, I did not attend the EMO breakout session at Oxford, nor the one-day training, so I did not have any firsthand experience of the process ...until now.  

Today I had my first EMO experience, and I must say it was a very good one. Working with Chrissie Hardisty (who is one of the founding directors of the GOE, Silvia Hartmann - founder of EMO - being the other founding director, and Susan Courtney later becoming the third director), I discovered EMO to be a refreshing change from the other therapies that focus on the emotions. 

This process focuses on "the energy" - and despite the fact that it is related to emotions, the beauty of this process is in the fact that we work with it as an energy and don't actually need to "process the emotions". How very different! I rarely have this health challenge nowadays, but today I had a pain in my left sciatic nerve, and it was most painful at the beginning of the nerve, right at the left side of the sacrum. 

When we started working and Chrissie told me this process is for emotions, not for the physical level, I was disappointed at first. Then I tuned in to the emotions on the left side of the sacrum... and we worked with moving that energy out. It wanted to go out - down the leg, along the sciatic nerve and out through my feet. Then we found that there was a connected energy in the heart. This didn't want to move at first... until we asked that part if it would feel better if the energy is there or gone. It must have decided to let it go, because what happened next totally floored me....it was quite amazing the way the release finally happened. When it left at the heart... simultaneously, it left at the sacrum and left leg as well - whoosh - all in one fell swoop! 

How very bea-u-ti-ful! Having dissipated that energy, we moved to the next step. 

Chrissie then asked if I felt it anywhere else in my body. I checked. 

Now the right side of the sacrum needed clearing. That got done in seconds. The energy went down and out through the right leg. Finally, we found another deeper layer in the left side of the sacrum. That took a lot longer to process and related to an old childhood programming of "It's not fair." I went and sat outside on the lawn in the Florida sunshine and leaned against a tree, and allowed the energy to go through my leg and down into the earth. It was a wonderful process, I must say. The pain in the sciatic nerve isn't all gone yet, but I know it will go....and soon. It always has in the past. I am not worried about that. 

However, I am very pleased to have healed this childhood belief at a deeper level, getting to see the payoffs for holding this belief along the way. As Tapas says in her step 5 of TAT, "All the parts of me that got something out of this problem are healing now." And they are, in this case, with EMO. It takes a very high level of maturity to create "fair, care, share" in all areas of our life - and I am pleased to be able to let go of the reasons for hanging on to the old writing on the walls that said, "It's not fair." 

I choose to let go of debilitating and archaic negative belief systems I no longer need. I look forward to opening doors in new rooms in my "Palace of Possibilities" and painting those walls in hues and colors of my choice - creatively, beautifully, artistically - and in keeping with what I love to do and my life purpose. I don't know how that will manifest, as yet, but in due course of time, I know it will. I trust it will. 

So thank you, Chrissie. You said you've only used EMO on yourself so far, and this is your first time using it with another client. Despite that, I find you are truly a great therapist - and I'd like to honor your skills, abilities and amazing "listening skills". And as if that wasn't enough, you are generous to a fault with your time, your heartfelt caring and your love. I find myself truly blessed to have you for a friend. 

Thank you also to Silvia Hartmann for creating this process and sharing it with the Energy Psychology world. 

Yes, it is similar to other processes I have done, such as Kalos and Focusing and PEAT... and most especially Cranio-Sacral Therapy...in which we use the energy of our hands to dissipate energy....yet it has a stunning uniqueness of its own, in that you keep reminding yourself that it is "only an energy" and work with shifting "the energy" out of the body. 

Brilliant, simply brilliant! Very different way of working - I love it already! 

I'm looking forward to using it with my clients. However, I need some training first! Although I can't make it to Susan Courtney's EMO Training this week on the West Coast, perhaps at another time, EMO Trainings can come to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale! Any other takers for this? If there are enough of us interested here, maybe something can be arranged. Who knows? I'm putting it out to the Universe and adding it to my Creation Room. Let's see what happens! For you folks out there who are in for a royal treat with Susan Courtney teaching you the how to use EMO this weekend ... have lots of fun! Love and hugs,


 P.S.- For those who are receiving this post on multiple weblists, my apologies. EMO is still rather new, so I thought it may be of interest to many to hear of another EMO experience. 

Dayawanti D'Sa, BBA [Fin & Bkg], CKHFT [Dip - A.K.]
Applied Kinesiologist
Certified Kalos Health Facilitator Trainer www.kalos.org 
EFT, BSFF, TAT, iSt 9x9, Silva Method, Creative Healing Massage,
Reiki, Cranio-Sacral, Meditation enthusiast: www.sos.org 
Member: Nat'l Assoc of Naturopaths, Montreal, Canada
Moderator: [Tap 'n B Free] www.groups.yahoo.com/group/EmotionalFreedomTechniques 
Moderator: [InTheFlowResearch] http://groups.yahoo.com/group/InTheFlowResearch 
International Phone Consultations: 1 (786) 293-8123
sequoia40@adelphia.net , innerlight_sound@yahoo.ca

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