The GoE Community Energist Certification Program

The GoE Community Energist Certification Program

Silvia Hartmann has a dream ...

The GoE Community Energist Certification Program

ย I have a dream.

I have a dream that we find a way to share what we know and what we have learned with the communities in which we live.

The GoE Trainers Training program is a wonderful program for people who have a client data base and are plugged into the business of teaching and training people.

Most of us, however, are not professional trainers already.

Most of us are simply people - but we are people who KNOW lots and lots and lots that could be so helpful in the community if other people knew it too.

There are the old people who suffer from chronic pain, sadness, bereavement, fear of death, memory loss, loneliness - we have so much that could make such a huge change in their lives.

There are the working people who are stressed, and scared, overwhelmed, freaked out about the future.

We have all the younger people who are so directionless, and who have been sadly taught to focus on their negative emotions, to amplify them, to be "triggered" by the slightest little thing, to have constant outbursts and -7 attacks, and they don't know that this is unhealthy, or that there is a better way to get attention, to find happiness.

Then we have the younger children, who are frightened about the state of this world, who have to wear masks and who are being told that the world is about to end, any time now, and that they and everyone they love is about to die.

There are so many more ... so many more!

The world NEEDS Modern Energy, and I have a dream that every community in the world has an energist in it.

An energist - a person you can go to when you need help with emotions, with emotional stress, with psychosomatic illness, with maladies of the spirit - all those things that ONLY an energist can actually help with.

This is my dream - the community energist, and I feel in my heart this is so right and true.

The Community Energist is a person who is willing to start talking openly about energy in their community.

A person who gets a few people together, even just in their own front room, and starts talking about energy, about happiness, how we can raise energy and show some basic techniques so that other people start to find out about Modern Energy and what it can do for them.

These other people then go out and tell others - "Hey, this was great! It really made me feel so much better! This works!"

Just a few people in your front room, in the local village hall, or in a chat room online, to let them know that happiness is possible, it is achievable, it is easy once we expand from the world of five senses to the world with six senses instead, where there are so, so many possibilities for self love, for self care, for better self esteem, for being more empowered, to be able to face the challenges of life with a smile - yes, this is my dream.

To have community energists, in their community, sharing the joy, sharing the basic knowledge because this is the only way forward - from person to another.

It needs that moment when people first see the Modern Energy Chart, and they map this across their own experience, their own lives - "Oh my God!"

"I never knew that!"

"That makes so much sense!"


This is the original "miracle expansion."

Once a person has seen the Modern Energy Chart for the first time, anything else becomes an inevitable discovery.

In the meantime, we have an entire Aladin's cave of wonderful, wonderful Modern Energy Techniques to start taking care of our energy bodies in a whole new way, to make us not only feel better and stronger inside, but to support all our healing, our immune systems and our physical body too.

Everything we do is literally powered by "The Power of the Positives" - energy, love itself, as we have discovered.

We have discovered the power of Star Matrix to bring people together, to create the most wonderful couple bubbles and group bubbles.

We have the lovely Modern Energy Tapping, which everyone can learn to do, and it's nice and easy. People are astonished how much it changes their state, it's a wonderful gift for life.

This is what Modern Energy is. It is a gift for life, a beautiful seed that keeps on growing and brings nourishment, hope and the potential for infinite personal evolution.

My dream of the Community Energist is that there be people who are no longer afraid and willing to share the many, many gifts they would have to give, of their knowledge, of their experience, and most of all, of their energy to light the way for others.

If this resonates with you, please watch out for news and register your interest.

May my dream come true!

With all my love,

Silvia Hartmann
President, The Guild of Energists GoE
GoE 2021

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