New Study Shows Enhanced Brain Ability When Using Meditation

New Study Shows Enhanced Brain Ability When Using Meditation

A new study by the University of Oregon, in collaboration with the Dalian University of Technology, this week has found that meditation can actually enhance the brains ability. This is not news for the thousands across the globe that practice meditation on a daily basis, but once again it is a message to the world that alternative therapies do work.

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The study included 55 students โ€“ 22 being taught IBMT meditation (integrative bodymind training) and 23 in a control group who were taught other relaxation techniques โ€“ who's brains were monitored with brain-imaging equipment, and found that the fibers connecting brain regions were greatly strengthened after using the meditation, whilst the control group had little change.

This changes in the brain were most pronounced in the areas connecting the anterior cingulate, the part of the brain that regulates emotions and behaviour.

Although this study is solely based on meditation, it suggests that other therapies, including Meridian & Energy Therapies, do indeed have scientific grounding, therefore opening them up to those who had previously had their doubts.

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