NEW: The EFT Coach by Mary Jones BSC MSC

NEW: The EFT Coach by Mary Jones BSC MSC From GoE & NLP Trainer and MM Round Table Member Mary Jones BSC MSC comes this exciting, brand new 2nd generation EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques manual which takes the quantum leap from psychotherapy into the realms of positive achievement, performance enhancement and success coaching. Reviewed by Silvia Hartmann.

The EFT Coach
by Mary Jones BSC, MSC

Reviewed by Silvia Hartmann

In this extremely attractive, large sized softback book, Mary Jones BSC MSC makes excellent use of her wide ranging experience and in-depth knowledge of the techniques, processes and structures for using EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques in coaching and mentoring situations.

This is a true "2nd Generation" manual as it includes beyond the original protocol many refined highly specifically useful approaches which have been developed since EFT was first introduced.

I consider The EFT Coach a very important contribution of research and instruction, because in the field of mentoring and coaching, very different and far more goal orientated approaches are used than would be found in psychology self help or psychotherapy, from which most of the first generation material originated.

Thus, the EFT Coach, with its specific techniques, guidelines and practice examples opens out the usage of this outstanding set of tools for true personal growth far beyond the narrow range of those who consider themselves to have "problems" and presents EFT for what it really is - a boost for ANYONE who wants to realise their own ambitions, enhance their existing strengths, maximise their potential and further their own endeavours in a most proactive and positive way.

I would further suggest that anyone who would like to give their personal or private life a real boost can use this thorough and inspiring book to become their very own, top class EFT Coach.

An outstanding, information packed but most of all truly inspiring book that places the tools for practical transformation into the hands of those who help others and far beyond, into the hands of anyone who wishes to help themselves to a brighter, more exciting future.

Silvia Hartmann
Author, Adventures In EFT, Advanced Patterns Of EFT EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
AMT Trainings Director


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