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NLP Based Mindlist Includes Energy In New Charter

On August 22nd, Mindlist, the largest NLP group on the Internet with over 4500 members, changed its charter to officially now include energy work and energy psychology. This was mostly due to the fact that leading contributors, trainers and researchers had begun to incorporate more and more energy based approaches into their work.

Earlier this year, NLP co-founder Richard Bandler co-presented a training with the "father of modern Energy Psychology", Dr Roger Callahan, in London. These developments are indicative of a general trend as more and more human development researchers begin to understand the LOGIC of working with the energy system and reap the results from bringing these new approaches into their work.

Below is an excerpt from the message sent to the members of Mindlist by moderator Elroy Carter.

Sent: 22 August 2004 01:50
To: mindlist@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [Mindlist] Please Read: "The Official Mindlist Charter v.2.0"

Mindlisters and Mindlisterettes,

For many years, since the beginning, we have had the following charter statement:

Mindlist is a list that seeks to foster the development of the human mind and its inherent powers.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Hypnosis, accelerated learning, behaviour change, NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Seduction and ESP.

The list seeks to develop the human mind through exploration of its powers.

In recent times the focus of the group and my own personal vision for the group has shifted and grown, and I have rewritten the Mindlist Charter
to reflect this:

Mindlist is:

- a 4000+ strong group dedicated to the expression of the potential of the human mind and its inherent and untapped abilities.

- a practice-oriented, results-driven discussion group with a powerful emphasis on:

- clear and effective communication
- hypnosis
- accelerated learning
- Neuro Linguistic Programming and Neuro Semantics
- self development and personal improvement
- clear and rational thinking
- long-lasting behavioural change
- social skills, intimate relationships and seduction
- energywork and energy psychology
- peak performance and skills enhancement
- persuasion in personal and business dealings
- lucid dreaming and astral projection
- psychic abilities
- ImageStreaming, 'genius states' and Psychegenics

- a 'Mystery School' that seeks to develop the potential of its members through rigorous examination and improvement of the Self, through the
modes of the above topics.

So there you have it, folks. This is the new Mindlist Charter. We have been 'in session' since 1998; that means we've been here for five years.

This is the direction and vision I have for Mindlist for the next five, at least.

Elroy Carter
Mindlist Moderator

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