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July 2011 Trainers Meeting

July 2011 Trainers Meeting

On Wednesday, 6th July 2011 the GoE Trainers met up to discuss a number of improvements to our Learned Society, as well as to hear proposed changes to the administration system back here in the office. This also includes some important changes to the EFT Professional Practitioner & Trainer Training, which first takes place in November at the annual conference.

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Dear GoE Member,

On Wednesday, 6th July 2011 the GoE Trainers met up to discuss a number of improvements to our Learned Society, as well as to hear proposed changes to the administration system back here in the office. This also includes some important changes to the EFT Professional Practitioner & Trainer Training, which first takes place in November at the annual conference.


The GoE became a learned society on the 1st January 2011 and we've already begun making changes to support our growth and expansion. There is a lot of attention focussing on The GoE now that we organise the industries popular annual European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference.

At the heart of what we do is to train the best Practitioners & Trainers in a number of meridian therapies, who then go out giving the best possible service to members of the public. The AMT’s role is to stand with and support our members to help them carry out this work.

Since we were founded in 1998, The GoE has grown a reputation for quality members who are inspirational in their local community. We very much look forward to making changes now which will take our association to the next level.

Time Scale of Changes

Many of the changes below require a good deal of work, such as software improvements. If a change in policy or procedure has not got a time-scale attached, then this means we need more time to change the system and we'll announce a date further down the line.

AMT Membership

It was acknowledged that The GoE still continues to be extremely good value for money, compared to other professional associations that often charge between £80 and £200 per year.

The GoE has not increased membership fees since 1998, which means that when you take inflation into account (@5%) our fees are 1.88 x more affordable today. If we had pushed up prices each year by inflation then the Full-Member renewal price would be £65.80 and the Trainer renewal price would be £188.00.

The current renewal price will be fixed till 1st January 2012 at the current levels:

  • Practitioner or Advanced Practitioner: £35.00 / year
  • Trainer or Trainers Trainer: £100.00 / year

All Members will be able to submit digital copies of their certificates from other training organisations, so that The GoE may list Members qualified in recognised lists on the website, as well as displaying on their profile page.

To reduce administration, a whole series of updates to our membership and website software will be implemented, including:

  • Members will be encouraged to renew by an automatic payment system, including PayPal recurring payments, online payments, standing orders and direct debits
  • Trainers and Trainer Trainers will be able to certify people directly onto the database and print certificates
  • Members will be able to list their events and trainings on TheAMT.com website
  • Make it easier for Members to login to update their profile and contact information

AMT Associate Membership

  • The GoE is to introduce an ‘Associate Membership’ for anyone to join after they’ve agreed to the code-of-conduct
  • The price will be £25/year if an automatic payment method is chosen (to reduce administration)
  • All non-members attending AMT2011 conference will be offered FREE associate membership for a year
  • Benefits of Associate Membership include being listed on the website, although it will be made clear to visitors that they are not Full-Members and are not certified by The AMT

AMT Trainer Certification Procedure

The current system for certifying a new member is to post in payment, paper based code-of-conducts and registration forms. The GoE office then adds the new member to the database, prints, signs and then posts back the certificate for the trainer to countersign, before finally returning to the member.

This system dates back from 1998, involves considerable delay for the new member, is open to error (post going missing, typos entering foreign members details, etc), so its time to automate as much of this as possible.

  • Each person you certify will need to be either an Associate of Full Member, so their details are on the database and that they’ve  already agreed to the code-of-conduct. By entering this information themselves we are saving much time for Trainers and GoE staff
  • Trainers will purchase certificate seals and paper from The GoE at a charge of £20.00 per certificate issued. Each will be serial numbered, so we can keep track of which seals were used for which  members and also validate certificates as being genuine.
  • To certify each person using the new system, the Trainer will:
  1. Login to the central GoE database website
  2. Choose the person from a list of Members & Associate Members
  3. Enter the serial number given with each seal
  4. Print out the generated certificate on special paper provided with each seal
  5. Attach the seal and sign the certificate before passing on to the new member
  • After the Trainer has certified the Member, the database will automatically add them to the appropriate lists online, upgrade them from Associate to Full-Member (if they are not already) and send them an email to congratulate them.
  • We understand that not everyone is online and that there will be some need to use the old paper-based system. Because of the extra work involved, The GoE will charge £25.00 (Associate Membership if not existing Member) + £20.00 (Price of Seal) + £15.00 (Administration Fee) = £60.00 (total) to process each person, add them to the database, print out the certificate and then send them to the Trainer for signing and sending to the practitioner.

AMT Meridian Energy Therapy Practitioner Training & GoE Advanced Meridian Energy Therapy Practitioner Training

  • Trainers may continue to offer the MET Prac and Advanced MET Prac as they will continue to be fully supported by The AMT

AMT EFT Professional

This is the new course that will be first presented by Silvia Hartmann as pre/post conference trainings at AMT11.

  • To be broken down into three levels, corresponding to:
  1. Level One: Self-Help Experience Day
  2. Level Two: Practitioner Level
  3. Level Three: Advanced Practitioner Level
  • Trainers who attend L1 & L2, or L1, L2 & L3 will be able to teach those themselves from 1st January 2012
  • Trainer Trainers will be given the manuals and are exempt from having to attend L1, L2 or L3 with Silvia Hartmann in November
  • People aspiring to be GoE Trainers should attend L1, L2 & L3 at the conference and then apply to become trainers direct to the Chair Person
  • Trainers must charge a minimum of £99.00 for each level, to avoid undercutting by other Trainers. The one exception is for Level One, which the Trainer must charge at least £99.00 or be at ZERO cost. Trainers who would like to charge less (for example if you’re presenting for free) must make an application to the Chair Person in advance. Please allow 4 weeks to have your application considered.
  • Content of the GoE EFT Professional Trainings was discussed by Trainers at the meeting, but due to the level of detail and short timescale it will not be possible for absent trainers to see or edit the curriculum in advance. Trainers who did attend the meeting will have chance to comment after the 14th November training.

Other Trainings

The GoE is looking to expand the list of certified trainings offered. We may also start to recognise the qualifications that select other organisations offer.

Current certification available:

  • Meridian Energy Therapies Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner
  • EFT Professional Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner
  • Energy Cone Techniques Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner
  • Events Psychology Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner

Membership Levels and Progression

The progression of an GoE Member is:

  1. Associate Member
  2. Full Member: Practitioner
  3. Full Member: Advanced Practitioner
  4. Full Member: Trainer
  5. Full Member: Trainers Trainer
  6. Full Member: Chair Person

The Trainers who attended the meeting expressed their desire to keep the quality of new Trainers as high-as-possible and stated this was not possible by running a Trainers Training with Silvia Hartmann on the monday after the conference. Instead, it was proposed that the day be changed to an “AMT EFT Professional Level 3” training.

This made us look at the procedure of how Members are promoted:

How To Become An Associate Member

New Associate Members Must:

  • Agree to the code-of-conduct which includes requirements for professional conduct and the client/customer complaints procedure

How To Become A Full Member

New Members must:

  • Already be an Associate Member (thus signed the code-of-conduct and entered membership information themselves). This can be done online at any time before the certificate is issued. It is possible for a Trainer to submit the old-style paperwork on behalf of the new member, but this will become a chargeable service.
  • Be certified by a licensed GoE trainer in an GoE Practitioner level (or above) qualification. This means it is not possible for anyone attending an 'Introductory' workshop to attain full-membership, but may of course join as an Associate Member.

How To Become A New Trainer

  • To become an GoE Trainer you must have completed the entirety of sequence of GoE trainings. This does not mean you have to be certified in every GoE training, just a set. In the board game monopoly, this is the equivalent of buying up a street before building a hotel. The current list of GoE trainings are:
    • AMT MET Prac AND GoE Advanced MET Prac
    • AMT EFT Professional L1 AND L2 AND L3
    • AMT ECT Energy Cone Practitioner AND ECT Energy Cone Advanced Practitioner
    • AMT Events Psychology Practitioner AND Events Psychology Advanced Practitioner
  • Members looking to become Trainers do so by personal application to a Trainers Trainer. It is then up to the Trainers Trainer to guarantee that any new Trainers are of a good-enough standard and quality to represent The GoE at this level. This may be by demonstrating prior experience, by attending a “Trainers Training” to teach skills, or by a mixture of the two. Trainer Trainers must charge a minimum of £99/day for this service.
  • Trainers are required to hold at least one event per year and also elevate at least one Associate Member per year, else they will lose their status. This is to ensure that the list of Trainers stays up-to-date.
  • Trainers are expected to attend the annual conference
  • Trainers are only allowed to certify Members in courses they’ve completed themselves

How To Become A New Trainers Trainer

  • Trainers looking to become a Trainers Trainer make an application direct to The GoE for consideration by the Chair Person.
  • Trainers Trainers are required to elevate at least one Trainer per year else they will lose their Trainers Trainer status. This is to ensure that the list of Trainer Trainers stays up-to-date.
  • Trainers Trainers are expected to attend the annual conference
  • The GoE is keen to attract exceptional and talented trainers from GoE competitors, so the Chair Person reserves the right to appoint new Members at any level as required for the benefit of the Association.

AMT Trainer Mentorship Scheme

Trainers are encouraged to offer a ‘Mentorship’ service to practitioners, which may be a chargeable service.

Thank you to all of our members for your support. We believe this is the start of a great future for The GoE and are pleased that you are a part of it.

Best wishes,

The GoE Admin Team

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