Membership Renewal and Expiration Policy

Membership Renewal and Expiration Policy

This notice details the GoE policy on lapsed membership.

As energy modalities such as EFT continue to filter into the mainstream, it is essential that people who gain qualifications through the GoE keep their membership up-to-date. Alongside gaining membership benefits, it confirms to the public that each of us adheres to the GoE code-of-conduct governing professional practice. It is also a requirement of many practice insurance companies.


  • 7 days after your membership expires, we reserve the right to remove you from our practitioner & trainer listings
  • Up to 9 months after your membership expired, you may renew at anytime at the current rate and regain full-membership without incurring additional charges
  • 9 months after your membership expired, you'll need to take a GoE certified training course to regain full-membership

You may also take an additional GoE practitioner level or above training course, which extends your membership.

Further Information:


NB: These rules came into force on 1st September 2013

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