Social Network Manager

Social Network Manager
  • Approx 10 hours per week
  • ยฃ200 GBP per calender month
  • Three month trial contract

The Guild of Energists has seen huge growth in our social media groups in recent years. Social Media, and in particular Facebook, is the place for members to come together, to talk, share ideas, promote their business and get the latest updates from The GoE.

The successful candidate for the position would already be a GoE Member and someone who can read & write very good English. They would be responsible for moderating groups, posting content, welcoming new members and monitoring posts. Therefore a proven understanding and background in social media skills is essential.

Most of all โ€“ the successful candidate must LOVE ENERGY!

Responsibilities would include:ย 

  • Posting daily Positives
  • Moderating the main EFT Group
  • Monitor, Interact and Mediate the GoE Page, GoE Group, EFT Group and RGSโ€™s EFT Group
  • Sourcing relevant posts and news relating to EFT and Modern Energy techniques
  • Welcoming new members
  • Promoting GoE articles across all networks
  • Promoting Trainers events
  • Liaise with GoE trainers for content, such a 'Top Tapping Tips'

You will need to submit a monthly invoice by email to GoE Accountant Claire Kenyon and remuneration will be made at the beginning of the month, ideally by PayPal, but we can also look into other methods.ย 

To apply please send details of your skills and background which are relvant to the position to:ย 

Closing date for applications: ย 

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