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October 2010 EMO Newsletter

October 2010 EMO Newsletter

Welcome to the October 2010 edition of the EMO newsletter!

This month we have a superb array of articles from Silvia Hartmann, Patricia DancingElk and Joyce Waring, as well as a video interview with Michael Flatley, where he discusses how Energy Healing helped him dance again...

** Article: The EMO Master-class by Silvia Hartmann
** News: Happy Birthday Sandra Hillawi! - Save up to 50% on EMO Products
** News: Michael Flatley Dances Again โ€“ Thanks to Energy Healing!
** Article: 4 Important Tips to make EMO Work Beautifully by Silvia Hartmann
** News: 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference โ€“ The EMO Contingent
** Article: EMO & ThetaHealing by Patricia DancingElk
** News: The First โ€œStressFish Guideโ€ Now Available for Pre-Order
** Article: EMO for ADHD by Joyce Waring

** Article: The EMO Master-class by Silvia Hartmann

All of the articles we publish in the EMO Newsletter and on http://EmoTrance.com/ are worthy of reading, they all contain insightful information that is effective at increasing our understanding of the therapy. However, rarely do we say that an article is a must read... but this one truly is.

Silvia Hartmann writes: โ€œIn this EMO Masterclass, I am going to analyse a session example to highlight the specific factors that make EMO work elegantly and beautifully. This includes in-depth comments about the Even Flow, about the Client/Practitioner dance, and how to teach a client how to move energy, as well as many other key EMO features besides.

On this occasion, we are dealing with a PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) case and work with the event absolute which is a specialist application of EMO.โ€

All EMO Practitioners and Trainers are advised the read through this session, as there is a great deal of information that could be invaluable to you for future sessions with your clients.

To read the article, please click here:


** News: Happy Birthday Sandra Hillawi! - Save up to 50% on EMO Products

Wednesday 27th October is International EMO Trainer Sandra Hillawi's birthday, so I'm sure you will join us to wish Sandra a very happy birthday!

To celebrate, DragonRising Publishing and Sandra have put together a series of great offers.

Save 50% on The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi, which uses EMO to help us overcome any troubles in love and relationships, along with receiving a free gift of an audio download Self-Help EMO Session from Sandra.

There is also a 30% discount on the 2006 EMO Practitioner Recording, which is presented by Silvia Hartmann and Sandra Hillawi. This comes in a great bundle along with the 2006 Self-Help Recording with Nicola Quinn.

To find out more about these offers, and the others featured in Sandra's birthday promotion, please visit:


** News: Michael Flatley Dances Again โ€“ Thanks to Energy Healing!

Michael Flatley, "The Lord of the Dance" and known worldwide for the sensation he created at the 1994 Dublin Eurovision when he introduced his modern version "Riverdance", is back on tour, back in training, and dancing again - thanks to energy healing.

In this interview, Michael Flatley tells about his illness that no modern hospital was able to cure and which left him so weak, he could hardly speak, and how he was healed by an Irish energy healer to be able to dance again.

You can watch this video interview by clicking the link below:


** Article: 4 Important Tips to make EMO Work Beautifully by Silvia Hartmann

EMO is wonderfully simple, and when the basics are done well, will bring excellent results and joyous sessions for both the practitioner, as well as the client.

But there are some places where things can go wrong, and cause a zzzt in the EMO session.

In this great article, Silvia Hartmann, creator of EMO, gives us four examples of where things go wrong with beginners, and how to put them right to make EMO work beautifully.

To read the full article, please click here:


** News: 2010 European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference โ€“ The EMO Contingent

The 2010 EFT European EFT & Energy Psychology Conference is now just a matter of weeks away, and we really hope you can be there, it's going to be a wonderful weekend full of sparkling energy.

If you are wondering if EMO will be presented at the Conference, then fear not, we are going to be very well represented! Detlev Tesch is presenting EMO Energy Dancing, which is a great introduction to those who know Energy Psychology and EFT, but don't know much about EMO, simply because it is an example of how much fun can be had with ET.

As well as this, Sandra Hillawi will be presenting The Energy X-Factor, which will incorporate some EMO, and Silvia Hartmann's Events Psychology may well include a little ET โ€“ though this is so far unconfirmed!

To learn more about Detlev's Energy Dancing presentation, please visit:


You can find out more about the Conference and all the presentations taking place, by visiting the GoE Conference homepage:


** Article: EMO & ThetaHealing by Patricia DancingElk

It seems like every other month that we bring you an article which tells of the brilliant way EMO has at enhancing other therapies. This month is no exception, and we are pleased to present Patricia DancingElk's article on EMO and ThetaHealing, which is a truly interesting therapy that can be made great with a little help from EMO.

To read this article, please click the link below:


** News: The First โ€œStressFish Guideโ€ Now Available for Pre-Order

The StressFish Guide series of books is one that is set to revolutionise the self-help book world, keeping the information concise and simple, and designed to help people overcome stress in an easy and, most importantly, stress free (!) manner.

The first StressFish Guide, The StressFish Guide to Easy EFT by Silvia Hartmann, is now available for instant quality download and is available for pre-order in the paperback format. You can find out more and order your copy here:


Keep an eye out for future StressFish Guides, including The StressFish Guide to EMO! More news on this will of course be announced when we have more information.

** Article: EMO for ADHD by Joyce Waring

Joyce Waring, an GoE Advanced Practitioner, has put together two great case studies on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, an area that Joyce specialises in.

Joyce writes: โ€œKieran was 8 years old and had been diagnoses as โ€œan Angry child with ADHDโ€ and was waiting for an appointment with a psychologist. His Mother knew all the pitfalls and that he would be put on Ritalin and was totally against it but could no longer cope. When the family were asked out the proviso was that Kieran was not allowed to come and Mum was getting extremely stressed, so she asked if there was anything that I could do. As always, we have to say that we cannot guarantee anything but at the very worst I could do him no harm...โ€

Read the full article, with both case studies, by clicking here:


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this month's packed newsletter, if you would like to contribute to next months or any future newsletters, please send your article in to us.

Best wishes,

Josh Alliston
Communications Officer

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