Ornithophobia by Marion Adams

Ornithophobia by Marion Adams Marion Adams Writes: A long standing client of mine mentioned that her fear of birds, that had been with her for 50 years, was getting worse and causing major problems in her life. I had talked about energy healing but she was rather skeptical and at first said no thank you. When I offered her a free second session, she did say yes and made our first appointment...

During the session we discovered the source of her fear and over the next
hour did some truly releasing work. As she left she said she felt very

At our 2nd session, a week later she was still relaxed and after just 15
minutes she said she felt the birds had just flow off and left her. We went
over a few things and she left feeling great. Two weeks later we went
together to our local park she walked round the pond that has an abundance
of ducks birds geese and swans. She was absolutely fine and had no fear at
all. She could not believe what she had managed to do and neither could her
family. Now she can hang her washing out, sit outside for lunch or coffee
and say out shopping even if there is a bird around.
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