Overcoming an Addiction To Coffee with EMO

Overcoming an Addiction To Coffee with EMO

My name is Beth, and I am a coffee addict. At least I used to be. I drank four to five cups a day for the past 15 years. When I was stressed, I'd have a cup of coffee. When I wanted to reward myself, I'd have a cup of coffee. When I was winding down at the end of the day, I'd have a cup of coffee. I had a socially acceptable addiction, but an addiction all the same.

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I had been working at an EMO Meetup to clear an issue with having too much sugar in my diet. I decided to include coffee. It's not that I have anything against coffee, but I do take exception to having an addiction. If EMO could help me reduce my craving for sugar, surely it would work with coffee. I began to EMO the substance of coffee itself. Where did I feel coffee in my body? I included using EMO on the "coffee addiction," the habit of drinking coffee, and drinking coffee when upset, etc. EMO, EMO, and more EMO. The usual protocol. While I was working, I noticed that a part of me became sad. That seemed odd to me. I didn't want the addiction...or did I? Why on Earth would I want the addiction?

When I was a child, my Granny would make coffee for the two of us. My "coffee" was really nothing more than milk, a lot of sugar, and a splash of coffee. However, I felt so grown up and special sitting in my Granny's kitchen having coffee together. Her attention was completely focused on me and it felt absolutely wonderful. So, it's quite apparent where my love affair with coffee started. Like one of Pavlov's dogs I had come to associate coffee with my Granny and her love and nurturing.

When dealing with food addictions, many times it's not the substance itself that the person wants to hang on to. It's the feeling of being special and loved that they have unconsciously come to associate with it that food item. Even if they hate the addiction, it is serving a purpose in their lives. This is especially true if they are not feeling loved, nurtured, and safe in their present circumstances or had many of those issues in their childhoods. If you take away the addictive item, you are in effect taking away that sense of being loved and safe.

Coffee made me feel closer and gave me a connection to my Granny who is no longer living. What I needed to do was to keep that sense of love for and from my grandmother without the need for the coffee association. I pictured in my mind sitting with my Granny in her kitchen. Getting up from the table and hugging her. In my mind's eye and in my imagination, I took the focus off of having coffee with her and placed it on her. I felt the love she had given to me and the love I felt for her. As I imagined sitting with her, I performed EMO on where I felt the energy associated with that get stuck. I then EMOd her passing away. I EMOd her moving to another state when I was a child and "leaving me." I EMOd not having her as a refuge after she moved. That in turn poured over into issues with my parents. Those also needed to be cleared through EMO. I EMOd anything and everything I could think of.

I also had to EMO giving myself permission to forgive my parents. I had to work on the fact that I didn't want to forgive them. There was stuck energy around the thought that I was entitled to be upset and angry at my parents. If I forgave them, it meant what they did or said was okay. If I wasn't angry or upset it might meant that I liked it or deserved it. So many things needed to be cleared. The amount of issues hiding underneath the umbrella of a simple coffee addiction was staggering.

It worked. I no longer have any desire to drink coffee. After the issues and problems were resolved through EMO, I no longer needed the addiction. I now have clarity and peace of mind instead. It has been six months without a single drop of coffee. My husband still occasionally drinks it, so it has been in our house for the entire six months. I even make it for him. However, I don't have any desire or need to drink coffee. EMO has truly changed my life for the better!

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