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Overcoming Massive Boyfriend Trauma With EMO

Overcoming Massive Boyfriend Trauma With EMO

In this case study, EMO Advanced Practitioner Cheryl Hopkins helps her client overcome problems that are ruining her life.

Cheryl's client can't eat, can't sleep and can't concentrate at work. Until EMO, that is!

Cheryl Hopkins writes: My client is on the phone and is in the process of breaking up with her ‘live in’ boyfriend: she can’t eat, sleep... concentrate at work; she’s worried about being on her own... about the future. The aim of the session is for her to be able to finish a complete meal, so she at least has the energy to deal with the situation.

 We begin with a brief overview of what EMO is: I talk about everything having a vibration, a ‘feeling’ associated with it; how you like the taste of an orange but dislike the taste of a pear and how that feels in your body. I mention that when we like something we’re open to it and allow its energy to flow through us, to provide us with nutrition, but when we dislike something or are struggling to accept it we try and block it out or stop it flowing through us fully and so it gets stuck in our body, and that’s what we feel as ‘a pain in our heart, our stomach… our head’. She seems happy with the explanation and likes the idea of clearing out the blocked energy of ‘her boyfriend’.

We start with a few calm breaths just to get her into her body and then I ask her to think of her boyfriend and tell me where she feels that in her body; she says it’s like a hard rock in her stomach... I ask her to place her attention there for a while, just to feel it and that it is safe to do so. Then I ask her to say to herself: “I give myself permission to let this energy soften”; I ask her to imagine the ‘rock’ of energy which is only ‘stuck’ energy wanting to run through her system, to begin to soften... to just watch it getting more and more squishy. She has a go and then says it seems to be sticking there, so I ask her to ask herself: “Am I ready to let go of this energy?” and to notice any sensations in her body; she tells me she feels another layer in her stomach and so I ask her to focus on softening this one first. She gets to work using imaginary hands and water to soften the blockage and it evaporates like dust. I ask her to think of her boyfriend again and to now focus on where she feels that; the original ‘iron’ energy reappears in her stomach and once again she imagines it softening; I tell her that the energy just needs to flow, it wants to find a way out so she can get on with her life, so I ask her to notice where it wants to ‘flow’ to; it begins travelling down her leg and then her arm, pooling in her fingers; I suggest that she put the phone down and put all her attention on softening the energy in her fingers, shaking her arms to help it out; I reassure her how well she’s doing and that this energy just needs to move on... I ask her if imagining some water flowing down her arm would help soften it up; does she want it to be cold, tepid... hot... a fine mist, a drizzle... a waterfall; she decides on flushing her arm and hand with the energy of a waterfall; to give the stuck energy a ‘good’ blast... it does the trick and exits.

Doing another ecology check: I ask her to think of her boyfriend; she has a tiny bit of energy in her lower stomach and when asked on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is excruciating and 0 is very happy about her ‘boyfriend’ situation, she says it was 9.5/10 and now it’s about 0.3; she sounds so much lighter, happier... more confident. She then says she has to go in a few minutes so I ask her if she’ll be ok to soften and flow the energy on her own; she says yes and so I talk her through the process one more time and finish off with a nice mist of innocent energy.

When I hear from her a few days later she says: “I got straight off the phone and ate all of a large meal, with my boyfriend... plus, I actually had a good weekend.” Sounds like EMO did the trick in just 30mins with the help of a bit of self-permissioning!

Cheryl Hopkins is an Advanced ETP and the founder of Change it live it, a learning and development company working with the Banking Sector to clear out sabotaging workplace behaviours that suck the life out of its people and our society... because she thinks that matters. Visit www.changeitliveit.co.uk T: 0845 6802729

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