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Panic Attacks & EMO

Panic Attacks & EMO

I wanted to share with you a wonderful experience I had with EMO this last week.

One of my life coaching clients has struggled with panic attacks for a couple of years.ย  She fears that something is wrong with her heart.ย  Sheโ€™s been to her GP and other consultants who have ruled out anything physical.

During our sessions, we do a lot of energy work.ย  I help her become conscious of her energy, where it is, whether sheโ€™s losing it and how to retrieve it.

With my new knowledge of EMO, I asked her to show me with her hands.

It was in her chest.ย  She then softened it and released it out the top of her head.

The next time it was in her pelvic region, which released down through her feet.ย  And eventually we got a point where she couldnโ€™t sense it any longer and she started laughing โ€“ something she never does when we are talking about this fear of hers.

Anyway, I just wanted to share how EMO has really made a big difference to this womanโ€™s life.

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