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PEAT-Psycho Energy Auro Technology of Zivorad.

I give credit to EFT for starting me off in my journey with Meridian Therapies but now with PEAT I feel my life has expanded and the intergration within has been short of miraculous.


I am quoting from Zivorad with his own words in the Group list in Topica which is opened to all...

"Soon after I announced the creation of the PEAT system, which allows one to attain Primes Neutralization as well as neutralization of other lesser polarities, and especially after my workshops in different countries, people began to share other methods with me. They say they are able to neutralize opposites without doing Deep PEAT processing. They claim it is possible to do it in minutes. One must be careful, as analysis of those methods reveals they do not yield permanent results. There are two different ways to attain Neutralization, which give quite different results: one is short lived, shallow or impermanent neutralization and the other is a deep, permanent change resulting from Neutralization.

From ancient time there have been methods for attaining various degrees of Neutralization, of many we know little or nothing. Some disciplines have demanded a life time of hard practice, for example Yoga and Zen. In these two traditional systems mind stuff is destroyed through hard and long practice of meditation. Result is in the dissolution of all and everything into ONE.

When I say `quick neutralizationยด I refer to those methods and procedures that have only recently appeared.

People who have no PEAT workshop experience or mature experience in PEAT application will likely stumble upon these shallow, quick-fix and short lived methods of neutralization. So be aware, presently I have about dozen reports of such. What follows are those methods and procedures for `quick neutralizationยด encountered most often. These should not be confused with the permanent Neutralization which is possible through correctly applied Deep PEAT.

1.Visual neutralization. This is most shallow of all. Take simbols for to opposing polarities or pictures representing them. Put them close to each other and look "through them" (defocussing your eyes). In a couple of seconds there will appear a third pictures and previous two will merge in it. Neutralization of opposing polarities? Yes, of course, they merged, became one. How long will such neutralization last ? As long as you are able to look at them that way. As soon as you look at them "normally", they will be polarized again.

2.The NLP procedure for neutralization begins with visualization. One imagines on one's two hands two different or conflicting tendencies of polarities. Then one looks for their different goals, going on up to higher goals until they both come to the one common goal. It is usually well-being or protection of a person. At that moment the person clasps and squeezes both hands together and makes them physically One. They become One, agreed, so it is a form of neutralization. Alas, it lasts only a couple of hours or days and after that short period the oppositions are in the person's consciousness again!

3.Next follows a variation of the previous one. You view opposing polarities on your two hands and look at them alternatively as quickly as you can. After a couple of minutes there is no difference between them. Result: Same as before, relief perhaps, but not permanent results.

4.Some people begin their Deep PEAT process by confronting two opposing polarities from the very beginning. Technically this is OK. However, to not allow the client to change to other content during processing is a major mistake. Holding the opposing polarities apart and to continue holding them apart for the rest of the process means suppressing the chain of content that leads to the real cause of the polarization and the creation of the conflict. This results in one's bypassing the charge and causative chain that creates the problem in the first place. It is a `quick-fixยด as well, and therefore impermanent neutralization. The result of such a mistake comes soon after, but not as soon as after the NLP procedure. For example, if you try to experience love and hatred at the same time, most often the next content will be one like fury or depression or confusion or whatever.... To suppress it and stay forcefully with love and hatred is a major mistake that contaminates the whole process.

5.Some practitioners discover a method that is also known as `differences and similaritiesยด. They take two polarities (or two identities that the person takes on when the person feels such polarities) and then do a very simple procedure of looking for differences and similarities between them (it is very good method under different circumstances). After finding a few of the differences and similarities, the differences begin to vanish and the two polarities become one. Neutralization again, no doubt! Unfortunately, it will last only a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

6.The Sunyata system, which I created 5 or 6 years ago from so called quantum psychology, gives similar results. In one exercise (there are 62 of them) a person should take two dichotomies or conflicting parts of oneself. For example: dominance and submissiveness, or "I want to smoke" and "I want to stop smoking". Similarly the process of Neutralization is performed with them. I will describe this process in more detail.

First the attention is focused on the first polarity or first aspect of the conflict and the person notices its characteristics: "where do you feel it, how big it is, what shape it has, it's color, strength, kind of energy it has... etc." Then enter it, identify with it and experience its reality as deeply as you can. Next, get out of that experience, retreat from it into the point of view of the neutral observer. Then just observe that polarity from a distance. Now, do the same process with the opposite polarity. Again, get out of the opposing polarity and retreat to the point of neutral observer. Observe both opposite polarities from a distance, and at the same time, as parts created from the same energy. What do you think is going to happen? Usually, they will merge into one, or they will simply disappear.

7.The Celtic Cross: Willem Lammers, a well-known practitioner of Energetic Therapies, visited me in Belgrade for Primes Neutralization, received his objective, and after some time created a procedure that he named the Celtic Cross. He considers it to be "...an amazingly simple energy psychology synthesis". It consists of a number of clearly defined steps:

A.Focus on an issue.

B.Move your eyes in the direction where the issue feels most present or problematic.

C.Tap the point on the Third Eye as long as you feel like it, and then hold it as long as you feel like it, while saying, "North is South."

D.Tap the point between the nipples (on the sternum) as long as you feel like it, and then hold the point as long as you feel like it, while saying, "South is North".

E.Tap the point under the left collarbone as long as you feel it and the hold it as long as you feel like it, while saying "East is West".

F.Tap the point under the right collarbone as long as you feel like it, and then hold it as long as you feel like it, while saying, "West is East".

G.Tap the point between the nipples (on the sternum) as long as you feel like it, and then hold the point as long as you feel like it, while saying, "In is out".

H.Tap the point between the nipples on the sternum as long as you feel like it, and then hold the point as long as you feel like it, while saying, "Out is in".

I.Hold the right hand on the heart chakra and the left hand on the solar plexus as long as you feel like it, while focusing on the sentence, "LOVE IS".

J.Focus on the issue you started with.

K.Repeat the procedure until you reach a state of unity and balance.

Willem Lammers says that in tapping and holding the different points the client usually feels a bodily or emotional shift at the transition between tapping and holding or at the end of the holding phase. This procedure is probably therapeutically worth while, but the value of neutralization attained through this procedure gives only temporary relief and is not permanent. At the end of the process, is there any opposite polarity merging into One permanently? Unfortunatelly not. So, it seems to be a good therapeutic procedure, but not the method for permanent Neutralization of polarities. While Willem Lammers does not say so explicitly himself, it appears he intends to reestablish the client's contact with the Whole, which previously has been lost. In his article, "Awareness and Healing" he emphasizes polarities and their neutralization. "This loss (of Unity) manifests in the emergence of many different polarities... Bridging, or neutralizing, polarities means to reinstall the contact with the One Source."

8.To my knowledge, of all methods for temporary neutralization, two very good are Polarity Clearing described in "Technical Essays" by Flemming Funch (one can find it on the Internet)...and

9... method of Integrated Awareness described in the book "Ask Anything, And Your Body Will Answer" by Julie J.Nichols and Lansing Barrett Gresham.

10.I participated in SkyWork "psychodrama" lead by Max Sandor in LA. It was interesting stuff although not as strong as some other kinds of psychodrama I had opportunity to participate. In Max's process some archetypal energies started comming to surfice. During the process, some people manifested some polarities and through some questions Max brought them to some kind of neutralization. Permanent or impermanent? It was surely not permanent Neutralization which we get through correctly applied Deep PEAT. His method was a combination of few of previously described methods from this list. It was done only on the conscious level, so deep unconscious stuff which makes a chain of unconscious contents was not embraced. And it has to be embraced, all of it on the chain to the bottom, if you want permanent Neutralization.

11.Most permanent of all these impermanent approaches gives HOLOGRAPHIC PROCESSING. One extermnalizes the problem one is working and represents it with a simple hologram. Then looks for sources or creators of that problem and picks up energies or messages comming to hologram from them and vice versa. Then confronts all those energetic flows at the same moment. If it is done correctly, the hologram disappears and the problem as well.

You see, we could compare two polarities with two neighbouring island which you go between very often. You can connect them with a narrow bridge, so they seem to become one. They become One, but on the surfice. The real Oneness you get at the bottom of the ocean, there they merge and become One. So, go always to the very bottom!

At the end of this post, I feel I should point out once more that the permanent Neutralization of Primes is just the beggining of serious work with polarities. Hoping that all problems will be solved with Neutralization of one's Primes will have disappointment as the result. Every Neutralization resolves only one problem created by a pair of polarities. There are many, many other polarities that must be Neutralized. But when one Neutralizes any polarities with correctly applied Deep PEAT process (and that means going to the very bottom), the job is done permanently for that specific problem. After that, one can make a new polarization, but it will be conscious and easy to control. As my research shows, attaining more and more polaritiy Neutralizations, one is more and more out of this universe."
The potential of Peat in the future is astounding and I can envision that Quantum leap now.
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