Overcoming Phobia Of Listening To People Eating

Overcoming Phobia Of Listening To People Eating

This client contacted us after hearing about EMO from a friend who experienced EMO with us at a recent charity event. She contacted us wanting to book a 1-1 session to help with a repeated behaviour pattern which had been a problem for her.

She explained the behaviour run in her family in that both her father and her grandfather had had the same problem. The client is now 30 weeks pregnant and wants to be clear of it before her baby arrives.

Her problem is that she finds that she has a heightened awareness of people's eating habits, in particular when they are eating, chewing or swallowing something crispy or crunchy.

She said that it makes her feel very angry and she finds it especially annoying when it is crisps. She reported that she finds the closer the member of family is (in terms of relationship) the more annoying the problem seems to be.

We started the session with seeing if there was any resistance to letting go of this pattern of behaviour.

The client came back with a very convincing NO, she was absolutely sure she was ready to let go. She identified immediately where she was feeling the annoyance of people eating, the energy was hard and heavy at first but very quickly she softened and flowed and the energy found its own natural pathway to its exit. We worked on several emotions in a very short space of time linked to this behaviour.

We tested how she would feel verbally and she reported that she felt that she would be fine now if faced with listening to others eat, however, she noted that something else had come up.

Vivid memories of her father and grandfather in a family situation all seated round a table eating. She identified the feeling was outside of her and that there was some kind of barrier there. We observed this as a shield which she described as high sea waves.

With a very firm YES she confirmed she was ready to break down the shield, she quickly softened it until it had cleared. She then continued to clear some other issues including about eating with colleagues at work, and how it makes her feel. She mentioned she felt like people were doing it on purpose and that there was a control and punishment element to it which we worked on.

Another emotion came up relating to a family member’s illness and the noises they make with regards to breathing. She started to cry, we went to where she felt the emotion and cleared it by gently softening and flowing. She remarked that she felt she now had an understanding of how they must feel about it and that it wasn’t done on purpose. I mentioned on several occasions that she didn’t need to analyse it just show me with her hands where she was feeling the emotion. Through the session she was happy to talk and share what was coming up as and when it did.

I wanted to test how she would react to someone eating and had taken some food into the session and luckily had some crisps, so we tested it. Infact I ended up nearly eating the whole packet! The client was laughing and said it really didn’t bother her. We finished with some lovely innocent energy and set the intention that her energy system was prepared to deal with any emotions related to this old painful behaviour as and when they came up.

The client provided this progress report the next day.

I really want to thank you for our session yesterday. Considering we had not met before, I thought it was great the way in which we went straight into the treatment and uncovered some important things, quickly. Although you say it's a two-way thing, I do attribute the quality and success of your treatment mostly to your expertise, intuition and professionalism!

On the tube home, I sat next to two people who were eating ! I was aware of the noise but only like I would be aware of somebody talking or somebody sneezing, not in an obsessive way. I noticed it and carried on with what I was doing. John came home and had his dinner (which, as usual, he was really looking forward to and was really hungry).

I was on the Internet at the time, in another room, but made a point of moving into the lounge and sat next to him while he ate and listened to the news of his day. I don't know if it is the treatment, but he seemed to be making less/no noise and I could barely hear anything!

Anyway, I sat through his dinner with him with no problems and we were having a really good laugh and were in good spirits. This morning, I did the same with breakfast. I made sure I sat next to him while he ate his breakfast and, the same thing happened. Less/no noise. I thought about how much he was enjoying his food and how nice it was. Then, he was off to the toilet to "cough up" his phlegm and, again, I just heard it, but didn't flinch or get angry. Again, I thought how tiresome it must be for HIM to have to do that all the time.” Name changed to protect identities


Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley

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