Picture Peace UK - Using EFT & Visualisation to Create Inner & Outer Peace

Picture Peace UK - Using EFT & Visualisation to Create Inner & Outer Peace

Wendy Beresford, an GoE Practitioner, has just started Picture Peace UK. The first Picture Peace UK radio show starts this Sunday, 5th June, at 7pm GMT.

Read on for a great article about Wendy's decision to start the Picture Peace UK project and how it can help you...

My Journey

Over the last year or so, I experienced some personal traumas that caused me to re-examine my beliefs about myself and what I wanted from life.  Whilst trying to start a family I suffered two early miscarriages, got hit by a car and finally had the most devastating miscarriage after a successful early scan. 

With so much happening in such a small amount of time, I was finding it really difficult to cope until one day, I realised that I had been putting my life on hold.  I realised that I had lost the passion, drive and desire to follow my dreams of helping others through Hypnotherapy and EFT.  I had virtually given up on my business and no longer took advantage of using any of therapy tools I had learnt to help me to recover.

This realisation drove me to take responsibility for how I was feeling and to reclaim my power by using EFT everyday to work on issues that were bothering me.  It was earlier this year that I realised that no only did I want to continue to build my business, helping people on an individual level, I also wanted to do something on a larger scale that anyone could gain access to and that was completely free of charge.  I wanted to do something that could make a difference not only on an individual level but potentially on a national level.

Picture Peace UK

Inspired by Dr David Hamilton’s book ‘It’s the Thought That Counts’ which I read after hearing his inspired speech at Birmingham’s Tree of Life Festival; I decided to start up a project called Picture Peace UK. 

The main aspect of this project and the first endeavour of this project is the creation of an online radio show that goes out live every month and features a guided visualisation meditation, EFT tapping techniques and more.    During the shows, I will be teaching useful techniques that can be easily applied by the listener and help them on their journey towards peace of mind and wellbeing.  Listeners will also learn how to direct and synchronise their thoughts in a positive way and how to use visualisation to help them to move towards their goals. 

Bad times Britain

I believe that because many of us in the UK are dealing with so many different stresses and demands, especially in the current climate, that it seems hard, if not impossible to invest any time in our wellbeing.  Many of us will not really know how to relax and our health may be suffering as a consequence, making us less productive at work, less involved with our families and less kind to ourselves.  I believe that through my shows I will be able to help guide people to become more connected to their intuition and to finding solutions to issues in their life, such as time-management, reaching goals or becoming happier and more peaceful.

Stress vs. Meditation

Stress isn't good for us.  It makes us ill.  If we make a little time for ourselves to relax and unwind then we will have the capacity to deal with more and face our day with a happier clearer mind.

Guided meditation is a great way to relax the mind and can have many positive effects; in fact, there are numerous scientific studies that reveal how regular meditation can improve brain function and physiology.  By combining meditation with EFT, which is known for its fast and effective relief of stored emotions in the body, I intend to help people understand more about how their minds work and how they can use the techniques I teach to help them discover their own inherent power for change. 

Your power of intention

Thoughts with feelings, or intentions, are a form of energy and can affect the health of our body.  Repeated thoughts of worry and the feelings that go along with it can have an adverse affect on our health.  Our intentions also have an affect on the world around us - did you know that in a study into the growth rate of plants, scientists found that the group of plant that were sent healing and loving thoughts, grew quicker than those that did not?  There have also been studies that show electrical responses in the brains of people who were being sent thoughts from people in another room!

Harnessing the power of the group mind

Imagine if a large group of people got together with the same intention?  The effect of that intention would be magnified just as the voices of a choir would carry more than the voice of one person.  This effect of group consciousness has been shown in several peace events throughout the world where the crime statistics in the area have significantly lowered after the event.

Put your power to use

If you want to improve your emotional and physical state and learn more about how to direct your intentions where you want them to go, then please sign up and join in with my Picture Peace UK show.  Details of how to sign up can be found on my blog at www.picturepeaceuk.blogspot.com

The Picture Peace UK show starts Sunday 5th June at 7pm.

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