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PIP Images Of EMO In Action

PIP Images Of EMO In Action EMO On Test - PIP Scan Results 4. 8. 2002 produces visual images of the Energy System. Polycontrast Image Processing show the processes and results of EMO Energy Healing in Action.

EMO On Test

PIP Scan Results 4. 8. 2002

Visual images of the Energy System - Polycontrast Image Processing show the processes and results of EMO Energy Healing in Action

PIP Scans identify energy blockages in the body that are impeding good health and fitness.

Digital video computerised colour images are recorded of the energy fields in action, creating the opportunity to identify:

  • . blockages/disturbances in the meridians
  • . imbalances in the chakric system
  • . therapeutic energies โ€˜at workโ€™ (before and after)

An average session lasts about 45 minutes โ€“ PIP scans are taken, shown โ€˜on screenโ€™ and results discussed. Clients may then wait for recommendation reports to be prepared and/or treatment to take place.

EMO In Action

Unlike other forms of approaches, whereby the PIP scan is performed first and then areas that become apparent are treated, or by relying on a practitioner's intuition, in ET the client decides what they would like to work on.

In the following session, which lasted 15 minutes and included the interview with the client, the treatment, all the scan pictures being taken and the discussion following the results, neither the client nor the therapist were aware of the images being generated.

Present to witness this session were the PIP Operator and Maarten Aalberse, Kjell Forsberg and Silvia Hartmann. The ET practitioner was Ananga Sivyer, the client a 21 year old male.

The session was conducted on Sunday, August 4th, 2002 at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, United Kingdom, in conjunction with the European Energy Psychology & Energy Therapies Conference.

The ET Session

Firstly, the client was scanned in front of a white wall. It was not possible for him to see the results of the scans due to the location of the computer screen in the room and the presence of strong lights which are essential to the PIP scan process.

Then the practitioner who had also not seen the scan at this point asked him to find a problem or burden he would like to release.

The client thought and answered that he had found such a problem. As is customary for ET, the practitioner then asked him where this problem could be felt in his body, and to show the location with his hands.

The client put his hands on his mid chest area and the practitioner and client then worked together to move the energy blockage using the basic EMO process. This was the first time the client had attempted the basic ET process and it took under five minutes until the client stated that they felt the problem had gone.

Please note that the problem was not named and the practitioner worked entirely content free and with attention to the energy blockages and the resulting physiological sensations *only*.

The client was then scanned again.

It was only *after* the session had been completed that the observers, client and therapist went to the scanning computer to look at the pictures of the session.

Fig. 1 - PIP Scan taken before the session started. Please note the three congested areas in the center of the chest, and the strongly different coloration of the right and left energy fields. Please also note that the client chose to work on a physical sensation in his chest and had no awareness of the outcomes of the scans at this time.

Fig. 2 - PIP Scan taken as the session is in progress and the practitioner is assisting the client in moving the "stuck energy" in his chest. The bright green area on the right hand side is already considerably smaller, although the practitioner and client have only been moving energy for approximately 2 minutes at this point.

Fig. 3 - PIP Scan taken after the session which lasted approximately 10 minutes altogether and when the client had expressed the problem had been resolved. The outer energy field is now very balanced, the congestion in the chest area has been significantly relieved. Other changes include the navel area and the throat area, both of which were "in the path" of the energy being moved on this occasion.

Observations & Conclusions

With a view to the basic EMO process, it is particularly heartening to note that:

a) The client, who is neither an energy worker or healer, nor had previously been a therapy or healing client, was entirely aware of where the major blockages existed in his energy system and could explain and show this easily and readily.

b) The client did not need to reveal the nature of the problem. In this instance, this probably led the client to be able to work on an issue he might not have felt safe to discuss with the (female) healer and the observers present; this was a serious issue to the client and as a result, strong and visible changes in his energy system were being observed and recorded when it was released.

c) The "interview" part of the treatment session was as short as asking the client to think of a problem.

d) The therapist could start to work with the client right away and both moved the energies swiftly along their necessary channels, which made the session very effective, focussed and as a result, economical in time.

e) The PIP scan gives another angle of feedback to something that the client, the therapist and the observers had already seen and experienced - namely that there was a problem, and that it was released elegantly, swiftly and successfully in under ten minutes.

f) It is interesting to note that the outer energy body has changed as a result of the movement of energy in the chest area AND that these changes were stable after the process had been completed.

More About EMO

EMO is one of the new Energy Psychology/Energy Therapy approaches and was developed by Silvia Hartmann.

The basic EMO process is designed to make energy work simple, fast and effective for self help and therapeutic applications.

For further information please visit http://emotrance.com

PIP Technology developed by Harry Oldfield; with thanks to Thornton Streeter for allowing the use of his PIP equipment.

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