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Pony Power! - Modern Energy and Horses

Pony Power! - Modern Energy and Horses

GoE Member Support Manager Zoe Hobden writes about her experiences of using Modern Energy techniques, including Modern Stress Management, in working with horses.

In a recent GoE meeting, it was noted that I had yet to write an article for The GoE! I am normally a very busy bee, doing all the admin and support type work that professional energists need me to do! I agreed, it is was about time I wrote something... but what to write?

I could write about about some of the many things that I cover a part of being your Global Support Manager, but the thought that came to me was....most of you know what I do for the company, but do you know ME?

So I decided to write about me, well a part of me, and how working with The GoE has helped me become a better me.

As a young three-year-old I had an auntie who had a horse called Nugget. I loved Nugget, I wanted to spend as much time as I could with him. I would sit and hold his food bowl whilst he ate, just to stretch out the last bit of time with him before I had to go. I was never afraid, never worried about this big animal being so close to me. I knew even back then that I loved horses, and seemed to need their company. I wanted a pony to call my own, and it was at the top of my Christmas list every year!

As the years went by I volunteered at riding schools, where the labour I tirelessly provided was never rewarded, but I didn't care as I was near horses. I then went to university, and never really realised that horses had left my life, I was too busy growing up!

But post-graduation and having met my now husband, I started to feel this yearning to be near horses again, it felt like part of me was missing. My lovely partner reluctantly said he would come and have lessons with me, turned out he loved it also! But turning up and riding for an hour wasn't enough, I needed to be with horses, to spend time with them.

At this point a close friend came into my life... and so did her horses. I started helping her out and before long we had struck up an agreement where I would be responsible for not just one, but five horses, three days a week. I was in horse heaven! They all had mixed backgrounds and I learnt so much from them, about horses, and about me.

Zoe Hobden Horse Pony Panda MSMWhen I became a mum, I was back down the yard within two weeks, I needed them and their energy to remind me, I was still me, they saw me for me... and my energy. No matter what happened outside the yard, as long as I was still me, they knew me and carried on as if the world hadn't changed. People have many places and types of sanctuary, but the yard and the horses is mine. To lead two large horses together with little me in the middle was (and still is!) incredibly powerful, and I would really live in that moment and feel the energy and power of that moment.

During this time I joined The GoE, and got to learn about the world of Modern Energy. It made me more aware of the journey with horses I had taken, what it meant to me, and to see it with new meaning. To really allow myself to feel the Energy I knew was there, needed and seeked, even though back then I had no name for it.

In May 2015 Silvia Hartmann invited me to join the first Modern Stress Management training, I was delighted to attend and learnt so much over the two days. The main point I took away was about how being energy aware, and really being conscious of it in the here and now is so important. When you deal with animals you know that when you are on the wrong side of The SUE Scale it all goes wrong! But to really see this, to really be conscious of this, is revolutionary. And I immediately started quietly assessing myself and those around me using the Stress Chart.

Shortly after this I made a huge decision, I was finally going to look for a horse, for me, to fulfil a life long dream. How exciting but also how scary! What if I made the wrong decision and selected the wrong horse, what if... what if. This I recognised was stress talk, it was stressful to be finally in this position. But I knew how to deal with it! Raise my energy!

The first pony I saw was lovely, but the owner was the most awful person I have ever come across, she made me feel inadequate, not worthy to have a pony, but again I now had the tools to sort all this out in my head! I mentally gave the lady her stress back, and raised my energy. I knew this was just a test.

The second pony I visited was so different. He was lovely, he was calm, his owner clearly loved him, but it was time for him to make his next step. Panda had walked into my life. He ticked none of the 'boxes', he was too young, a bit too big, and mostly white in colour... he would never be clean, but do you know what? He had the right energy.

My lifelong dream has come true. I own a horse, and a great one! Being young he has his moments, but I respect that and deal with this energy in creative ways. I could go on for pages about the amazing journey he and I are on together. But ultimately it's made me truly believe that you should never give up, never lose focus, never deny yourself what you need, what your energy body needs. The GoE and Modern Energy has taught me that, and I thank them for it.


Zoe Hobden - GoE Member Support Manager



MSM FoundationThe GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit live or Skype training that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.

For more information about the course, including upcoming events, see our course page:

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Zoe Hobden
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Zoe Hobden
Guild of Energists.

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The Energist - Vol 2017.4.2 - The Energy of Learning

The Energist - Vol 2017.4.2 - The Energy of Learning

Posted May 26, 2017
Summer 2017 edition of The Energist magazine.
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🗣 Comments
Heather Pollard

Heather Pollard says:

I loved your story Zoe....both your journey and, finding your lovely ‘Panda’. If it’s meant to be, then no matter how long the passage of time, Magic happens! Happy hacking together. ⭐️

Mar 31, 2018

Zoe Hobden

Zoe Hobden says:

Thank you Heather.

Apr 3, 2018

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