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Positive EFT Case Story - Meet Your Needs With Positive EFT

Positive EFT Case Story - Meet Your Needs With Positive EFT

This Positive EFT case story comes from GoE Trainer Kelly Burch who explains how she uses the technique to feed her aspect more of what it wants.

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Energists have learned that at the core of an energetic blockage is one single event. In that event exists an aspect, whose experience then echoes on through their timeline, until they are heard, attended to, and assisted.

The aspect is sitting there, waiting patiently, for us to see it and gift it what it needed but never got. In that same vein, I recently found myself in tears over how another person had treated me.

It wasn’t that I was mistreated outwardly, but I had really craved kindness and attention and it just did not come. The strength of the desire I held meant that the void was felt strongly and painfully. When there was a similar experience soon after, with a different person, I finally put two and two together.
Here were echoes of aspects craving support, and here I was just feeling really bad!

Energist hat on, I decided to do something about this. Not just for this situation, but for future ones too. I had the skills and desire to help myself.

The swiftest and most direct intervention I could think of was to tune into my needs and use Positive EFT to support myself.

Using the Heart & Soul Protocol with Positive EFT could be done easily, whether I was upset, stressed, or clear of mind. I began asking the question of myself: “What do I need right now?” It was empowering to just ask the question and also be able to state whatever the answer was, without analysing if it was okay or ‘good’ or ‘nice’.

It was all about me and I gave myself permission to be honest with myself. I also allowed myself to bring in more of what I was needing, energetically.

I began an experiment, wherein I would tune into myself three times a day, and ask “What do I need right now?”. I would tap two rounds of Positive EFT on that thing, sometimes more. This was again easily done and took very little time. Sometimes I did it in the midst of “mummy mode” tasks and other times it was on a lounge out in the sunshine. I often started my day with tapping in bed for what I needed at that time.

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I noticed after only a couple days that not only did I feel more relaxed and energetic but also my children were more relaxed. They argued less, were more cooperative with each other and played long and detailed imaginative games. My husband asked “What’s going on here?” because he noticed the difference when he got home from work.

I felt brighter and tasks such as housework and managing my time felt easier. I was also inspired with ideas to make things more effortless in my day. I came up with new ideas and solutions to things that had been bothering me for some time.

It was also something I started to look forward to: these tiny slivers of ‘me time’ and Positive EFT which truly honoured my needs, compared to other activities that were meant to be 'me time' things, such as eating chocolate on the couch!

Because unlike chocolate (which is delicious!), I feel that this easy tapping was doing so much more than just brightening my mood momentarily. It was helping me feel good and also supporting aspects and their needs.

Also unlike chocolate, it helped me to be more resilient by way of relationships. Without the flashing neon sign of an emotional wound such as “You’re not giving me what I need!”, I could more easily see the person as they were in the moment, instead of the focus on what they weren’t giving me.

Around one week after doing this thrice daily tapping, the question changed into “What do I want?”. There was a noticeable shift toward being more able to shape my world and have my desires met, more than just have my needs met enough to get on with my day.

I had the unexpected side-effect of a flood of wants that I had previously put to the side over years gone by! All of my inquiry seemed to have broken a dam! In times of tight budgets, mortgage repayments and single-incomes, I had learned to close off that part of me that wanted stuff. “It’s not a priority” was the response at the time and the wants were stifled.

But still I tapped on the flood of wants, and let them all wash over me, soaking the energy of them up to see what persisted as a real want, and what faded away.

I love that in an often complex world, an act that’s so simple can do so much! Taking time out to spend roughly six minutes tapping, morning, noon, and night, has the potential to change life as we know it.

With interpersonal needs supported, empowerment to seek what we’re needing (and wanting) and a heightened awareness of ourselves, we become pretty unstoppable, and life is good!

Parenting with Heart & Soul by Kelly Burch - Order now! Kelly Burch is an GoE Trainer based in Victoria, Australia. As well as training practitioners locally and via the AMT’s distance learning courses, she regularly sees clients in person and over Skype as well as conducting a fortnightly healing group.
Kelly recently wrote her first book “Parenting with Heart & Soul: A Parent’s Guide to Emotional Freedom with EFT.” To find out more about the book and how to order your copy, click this link.

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