Case Study: The Power of EFT

Case Study: The Power of EFT

Shirley Warrington Writes: As a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and GoE Practitioner I don’t always know until I meet my client for the first time what exactly my challenge is going to be. Over the years I have learnt to disguise my sharp intake of breath and try to keep that reassuring calm exterior despite the racing heartbeat underneath however there are times when you meet someone whose story can’t help but touch your very soul and at that moment you know without a shadow of a doubt why you trained to do what you do!

The lady in question, whom for this purpose I shall call “J”, had been mentally and physically abused by her husband for over 15 years. This lady had been quite literally scared of her own shadow and been made to believe everything was her fault and she had experienced some horrific events that most of us could never begin to imagine. When I met “J” she had already found the courage to leave her husband after another countless hospital admission, had finally divorced him and met a man she described as wonderful. However, the past would not go away, “J” constantly looked over her shoulder, suffered panic attacks and felt she did not deserve this new wonderful man in her life. (It should be pointed out that her ex-husband had moved on and was no longer a physical threat to her).

Together over 4 sessions we uncovered her feelings and emotions and what started out as what she originally perceived as fear uncovered feelings she was not consciously aware of such as anger and embarrassment at herself and even anger towards her daughter.

The sessions were highly charged with emotion and tears and at times it was impossible for “J” to speak as she sobbed uncontrollably but after 3 sessions of EFT I began to see smiles and even laughter and the original score of 10 that we used to chart our progress finally reduced to a zero. In our 4th session I also worked with “J” on some NLP techniques to ensure she was back in control and it was such a thrill to see this lady walk away looking relaxed, happy and calm. I felt a very special bond to this lady because her courage was amazing and the trust she placed in me made me feel so privileged. I am still in touch with “J” keeping an eye on her progress and she assures me the man in her life is still wonderful! That is quite simply the power of EFT – It just never ceases to amaze me.

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