Practitioner Development Days with Sandra Hillawi

I just thought I’d feedback on how these were going. As a response to requests from therapists I have trained for on-going support I have set about running Practitioner Development Days on a quarterly basis. These days provide an opportunity for sharing interesting and difficult cases plus success stories with a group of peers and getting feedback and new ideas about how to approach such cases and thus improve our practice.

Furthermore it gives an opportunity to introduce some more advanced techniques to enable more flexibility or analytical in identifying and resolving client problems. As a practitioner myself, I also know that we don’t always make the space to apply the tools to ourselves, as we’re so busy applying them to others, so it also provides some space for personal development on whatever is going on for therapists at that time.

The last one I ran was in Potters Bar, on Monday 11th November and all attendees got a lot of value from attending so Im sharing their feedback below. I would like to invite other METs and ETPs to attend if they wish. Its good to get together on a regular basis and support each other in our personal and professional development. So even if I haven’t trained you myself feel free to contact me if you’d like to know about future dates.

Sandra Hillawi

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Feedback from Practitioner Development Days 10th November Potters Bar:

“All in all a very valuable day. Sandra introduced us to additional ways of helping our work with clients and ourselves, which I am really excited about. I’m looking forward to working with areas of my life where I would like further growth. Well done Sandra. I’m looking forward to the next one” David Fordham MET, ETP, Kent.

“Thankyou Sandra for some wonderful days training. You are very professional. I have had some truly life changing experiences on the EFT and EMO training days and on the development days. You come up with some really good ideas and answers that we had not thought of. Also you encourage us to move forward all the time. Also Ive met some wonderful people and feel the love that freely flows during these meetings. Thank you so much.” Barbara Burgess MET,ETP Nottingham

“Since learning EMO & EFT this year a number of queries about how to proceed with specific clients have come up and these were all answered and resolved on the Development day. I learned a clear model of how to begin a session and exactly what information is needed in order to do a complete intervention covering all aspects, which I hadn’t learned before. I’m glad Sandra gave us a sheet on these questions so I’m going away well pleased with what I’ve learned and my ability to make my client sessions even more successful” Julie de Burgh, ETP,MET London.

“It has given me more confidence with Mind Maps for EFT. Also I now have the understanding of Time Line, as I previously did Time Line on a Hypnotherapy course but it was different. Also have found doing Mind Maps for myself as a very good tool for the future for whatever I have on my mind. It gives more understanding of yourself. I now feel I have more confidence working with clients in the future”. Barbara Trotter ETP, MET, Herts

“Invaluable. New insights into how to use the basic procedures of EFT, also to use EFT and EMO together to move a session forward. Learning new techniques like TimeLine and Mind Mapping and Heart Healing in a much more thorough way and applying them in working together was very useful. Hearing each other’s case histories and input from subsequent discussions was very useful. As always, facilitated smoothly and effectively by Sandra.” Elaine Bruce ETP Shropshire.

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