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Presenting EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques To The Public

When you present EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques to the public, it is likely that this would be the first contact the potential clients or seekers have with not only the technique but also with you as the representative of the entire field of energy/meridian therapies as a whole.

This first contact occurs through publicity efforts on your behalf of some kind โ€“ this may be advertising, telling people about EFT, public demonstrations at health fayres and shows, personal demonstrations to key people at health centres, sports centres, holistic centres, radio shows, TV, and even what you put on your web site or into practitioner listings.

We are holding here a most profound two edged sword.

On the one edge is the fact that EFT is profoundly effective when it is done well and really can make inroads into almost every presenting problem anyone could bring to your door โ€“ from Aardvark phobia to Zuluitis. This is true and we know this BUT.

The other edge of our profound sword is that stating all of that will probably cause the opposite of what we have in mind for most people; rather than causing them to think, wow, this is great, theyโ€™ll probably think, yeah right, that and Dr Snakeโ€™s Health Oil.

Personally, I have found it useful to go the other way in my explanations of EFT and all I say these days is that it does only one single thing โ€“ it releases negative emotions.

Would that be useful to you?

No matter what the circumstance, be it cancer or golf, dyslexia or hay fever, DID or MPS, childbirth or bereavement, addiction or phobia, the answer to that question is always a resounding โ€œYes!โ€.

We know that emotional drivers are at the root of most, if not all, diseases of the mind and body and that by releasing the core emotional drivers and returning the whole system to a state of calm and balance, all these many longstanding physiological and psychological problems can simply melt way but it has been my experience that you canโ€™t tell people that straight to their face and not expect a huge backlash of disbelief, distrust, fear of disappointment (again!) and all kinds of other negativity that isnโ€™t necessary if you focus and target your explanations to your specific audience at the time and leave out all that is not relevant to them at this point.

There are two reasons why selling EFT like snake oil is counter productive and will cause more trouble than its worth:

The majority of people who should learn it will reject such approaches immediately โ€“ nurses, careworkers, support staff, reporters, allopathic practitioners and indeed, any westerner who has any kind of self concept as being sensible, rational and โ€œno foolโ€. Once they are in the rejection mode, you have to move mountains to change their minds again โ€“ if they had been approached just a little more softly, this initial rejection need never happen.

The rest might have completely unrealistic expectations of what the technique can do. Oh, it can do a great deal, but it canโ€™t change a great many things โ€“ the life youโ€™ve led, the size of your feet and so many other things that simply are. Also, it is not practical nor even legal to promise instant cancer remission or making the blind see in a single session. Great as the techniques are, we are dealing with highly complicated systems with two arms and on legs and we simply cannot ever be 100% sure that indeed, all the problems will be overcome quickly and right away.

To overcome this problem, I suggest two courses of action.

The first is to limit oneself to a particular field and concentrate on the uses, effects and benefits of the technique in that particular field.

For example, if one was to particularly address autism in children, to collect appropriate case histories, have a good old think about a theoretical proposition that might at least seem to explain WHY it works and HOW it works, to be familiar with the particular emotional and practical challenges in that one field and to speak the language correctly will produce an introduction to those who are actually in that field โ€“ practitioners as well as those who live with and around the problem โ€“ that will raise interest and have the people there come forward to find out more.

This is the absolute key to having people come into meridian and energy therapies and the role of EFT โ€“ to be an embassador to a whole new realm of empowerment and healing.

Embassadors are diplomats. They respect the customs of the countries they find themselves in and learn their language before they say anything at all. If they did not, diplomatic relationships break off and we find ourselves at war, needlessly and to the detriment of all concerned.

We, likewise, must create through our advertising and presentation an atmosphere of interest and excitement, whilst not contravening the laws of those to whom we speak and with whom we are trying to communicate.

I said there were two ways to have people come forward with interest and wanting to find out more. The first one was to be very specific when speaking to a specific audience.

To speak to a global audience, one by needs must be global and focus on the very global effects of EFT โ€“ relaxation, calmness, releasing stress, releasing fear.

That is believable, possible and sounds certainly like something that would be useful and desirable.

Further, as the ones who have come forward and tried it are amazed and delighted that they got more than we promised to start with, there is no disappointment, no angry backlash and this will help to spread the word and have even more people come forward and just try it out for themselves โ€“ which is always the outcome of our advertising efforts, to get to a place where people will give EFT a chance.

(to be cont.)

Silvia Hartmann


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