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The GoE's Privacy Policy

Who Are We?

The AMT is a trading name of The Guild of Energists Ltd. We are a not-for-profit limited company and whilst we are based in the UK, our membership is worldwide.

Looking After Your Data

The Guild of Energists Ltd t/a The AMT takes the protection of your data very seriously and will never sell or make it available to third parties, unless:

  • Required to do so to comply with English law, as we are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  • You are an AMT Professional Member and we are passing on your publicly listed contact details. For example, if someone phones us up looking for a practitioner in “Leicester” and you're in the area, then we'll pass on your details as part of our service to you.

We store the majority of our data in highly secure data centres based in the UK, however we also use some companies based outside the UK. For example, we use Google Inc. (USA) cloud-based products to host online spreadsheets and documents.

Information Commissioner's Office

As we operate in the UK we are legally obliged to be registered with the Information Commission's Office, which is a register of companies that store information. Our details are:

Information Given To Us By You

We may receive information that you supply directly to us, generally via our websites, phone, making email contact with us, on social media such as Facebook or in person at live events. This information may be stored in a database, used for marketing purposes or for contacting you for other reasons.

Information Given To Us By Someone Else

We may receive information about you from third parties. For example, if an AMT Trainer provides you with certification then they'll pass on the basic details required to register you for AMT Membership. This information may be stored in a database, used for marketing purposes or for contacting you for other reasons.

Public Information Collected

We may collect information about you that you've placed in the public domain. This information may be stored in a database, used for marketing purposes or for contacting you for other reasons.

Unsubscribing & Opting-Out of Marketing

We only want to contact interested people in the ways they wish to be contacted, so please get in touch at any time to relay your preferences to us.

AMT Member Responsibilities

Member Profile

All Professional Members of The AMT are given an optional “members page” to advertise themselves to the general public. This area is the members own responsibility to update and contains a free-text field where they can highlight their qualifications, experience, background, awards, etc.

Each member is fully responsible for their own free-text. Please note that staff at The AMT can remove or edit what you've written at any time without notice. Reasons could include: content being out-of-date, grammatical/spelling errors, contains inappropriate content, you ask us to update it for you, etc.

On a members profile we'll also display:

  • The member's town, county and country that we have listed on our database. A member may choose to opt out of this information being public, but this does mean that you won't appear in regional listings which might result in loss of potential clients clicking through to your profile.
  • Contact details such as phone & skype.
  • We provide the public with an online form to contact our members, which relays messages to the member's email address listed on our database. We do not display members email addresses online as this means they'll likely be contacted by unsolicited third parties (ie “spam”). Like your address, you can opt out of your contact information being made available.

It is a members own responsibility to update their profile page, as well as being responsible for the content on their profile page.

Updating Information

Please may all AMT Members keep the data we hold on them up-to-date. For example, if you move house, or change phone numbers, then you need to let us know so our staff and members of the public can contact you more easily.

Cookies Information

Our websites use cookies to store information in your web browser. This adds functionality to your browsing experience such: being able to login to our website (user authentication mechanism), tracking affiliate links, storing “shopping baskets” and also tracking which pages you've clicked on.

Page Last Updated: 3rd September 2014

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