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Project EMO Welcomes Brand new for January 1st, 2009, please welcome our new sister site - As the flagship of Project EMO, our new site is designed to explain to people who are looking for REAL and PRACTICAL help with emotional problems how our form of energy work works, and why we feel it can help them, in simple, straightforward terms.

Energy Psychology in general, and the principles of EMO in particular, simple and effective as they are, are not well known as yet. We think it is very important that we should a workable alternative model to what emotions are, and how to treat emotional pain and disturbances through real energy healing.

Of course, as no-one knows about it, no-one can search for "energy healing to heal my emotional pain"!

People are using terms such as, I have a crush, or I need closure, or I suffer from depression - these and many other words are not really in our vocabulary as we work directly with the feelings of the body, and movement of energy to establish the Even Flow. is designed to bridge that gap and start to teach people about the new approaches and techniques that work so well for us. We have written to existing EMO Practitioners & Trainers how to get involved with Project EMO, but anyone who works with EMO and loves it as much as we do, understands how helpful it can be and wishes to contribute one or more articles that help explain that you can indeed overcome all these emotional problems in simple terms is most welcome.

  • The vast majority of people on this planet today do not have ANY tools to help themselves - or their loved ones! - with emotional problems, and many don't even know it is possible to heal anger, grief, sadness, pain, guilt, shame and so much more with direct energy work.

We would like to offer people the opportunity to try EMO for themselves, and make up their own minds if there is something useful here, something that can really help them suffer less, and enjoy life more.

  • You can help by placing a link to on your blog, MySpace pages and websites; adding a link to any forum or group link directories you are a member of, and mentioning it in posts and to your mailing lists.

If your blog or site can carry the E&F RSS News Feed as well, so much the better:

Let's make 2009 our best year ever!

A Happy New Year To Everyone,

From The Project EMO Team

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