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The Body or "Soma" is a complex bio-computer made up countless cells and nerves that register every significant event in our lives. The body mind principle of Somatic Processing recognises that the Body is a "Somatic Library" of emotions and beliefs; the energy and information of psycho-emotional experiences that have been imprinted instantaneously into the cells of specific body areas, organs and tissues. In effect the body has an actual psycho-emotional anatomy.


I would like to acknowledge the work currently being done and researched by people working in NLP, particularly Time Line Therapy and the Energy Psychotherapies, the work of the Cancer Associations, Dr Hammer, Stephen Wolinsky, Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra and many others as well as the work and attention of Dr. Bernie Segal, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr.Andrew Weil, Dr. Julian Witacker, Dr. Norman Cousins, James Redman, Dr. Bernard Jensen, Dr. Dean Black and Dan Millman.

At the height of their civilisation Greek medicine reached a level of insight which was not to be achieved again until Paracelsus (1493 โ€“ 1541), more properly Theophrastus Phillippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim, the father of alternative medicine - 2000 years later. He was a contemporary of Nicholas Copernicus, Martin Luther, Leonardo da Vinci and a host of other figures we associate with the shattering of medieval thought and a re-birth.

The Body or "Soma" is a complex bio-computer made up countless cells and nerves that register every significant event in our lives. The body mind principle of Somatic Processing recognises that the Body is a "Somatic Library" of emotions and beliefs; the energy and information of psycho-emotional experiences that have been imprinted instantaneously into the cells of specific body areas, organs and tissues. In effect the body has an actual psycho-emotional anatomy. An extraordinary tapestry of structures, functions, emotions, memories, attitudes and beliefs - all intertwined, all affecting each other and manifesting in the final consequence. If you are unwell - YOUR BODY WON'T LIE TO YOU. It is trying to tell you what it doesn't like. Symptoms are your body's language to quit doing bad things to it and start doing good things for it. "A truly healthy body will not need to call attention to itself!" If you have a headache, back pain, chronic disease, pain or inflammation, it is urging you to find and fix the cause.

Antiquated ideas about the physics of consciousness and the body are changing โ€“ fast! Changing our belief systems about the mind-body connection and its influence on health is important to foster the process in people of healing themselves, which is the only true and permanent healing. We now know there is a link between disease and retained emotion. All occurrences that affect our life are registered in our cellular matrix. If these events are traumatic (such as pain, illness, injury, grief, surgery, shock, trauma...) - they may exert a lasting effect upon the rest of our life. That's why we often hear people say: "Ever since such-and-such happened, I never have had a day of peace, comfort, good health or happiness".

In the past, we have had the standardised approach of contemporary medicine, which says that there is a magic potion in the form of a pill or drug for practically everything we have. Medicine today tends to be more and more chemistry and less and less healing in the classical sense. It is also a fact that many of our medical interventions do not get to the root cause of disease. The word "cure" is not even used. They are just treating the patient. "Curing" is a term that all medical people avoid. Their training is not geared towards that. However, I do not for one moment wish to decry the chemistry because we owe it too much, but it is not the whole answer. It seems to me that the lack in psychological insight โ€“ into the unconscious being of man โ€“ is possibly one of the saddest neglects of modern contemporary medicine. The body can help itself! The power that made the body can heal the body. Health does not come from a pill, a potion, a lotion, surgery, a doctor or even an herb. It comes from the body's own innate intelligence or inborn wisdom to survive and rejuvenate. Our bodies ultimately are domains of information, intelligence and energy. The very fact that our body is an assembled mass of molecules implies that we are energetic entities. Further, quantum physics discovered in the last decades that every particle of matter is associated with interaction and resonance quanta (parcels of energy) at a ratio of about 1 nucleon to 1 billion quanta. The quanta exhibit specific patterns and are susceptible to resonance. These subtle energetic configurations (bodies) can be disturbed causing unwellness and pain. Therefore, the body is a quantum mechanical device and Quantum Healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level, which is not manifest at a sensory level. Quantum Depth Healing involves a shift in the areas of energy information, so as to bring about a reconstruction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness โ€œthe mindโ€ to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness โ€œthe bodyโ€. Another important point in quantum biology is that consciousness is not consolidated or focused in any one particular place. Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system through all it`s organs and tissues by a group of chemicals called neuropeptides in the brain. Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system by means of these specific messenger units.

When scientists investigated immune system cells and t-cells that protect us from cancer and infection, they found that receptors to these same neuropeptides exist in the immune system cells and t-cells. Under emotional distress, the brain may signal the adrenal glands to produce chemicals called corticosteroids, hormones that weaken the immune response. Cancer-related processes are accelerated in the presence of these chemicals as well as other stress hormones like prolactin. Certain cancers have also been associated with distressing life events. In one study, the risk of developing breast cancer was five times higher if the woman had experienced an important emotional loss in the six years prior to the discovery of the tumour. Since the unconscious mind is the controlling intelligence in the body, it is the connection between the mind and the immune system and the unconscious mind can communicate with any part of the body and can stimulate the healing process. Negative and trapped emotions as well as limiting decisions and beliefs connected to past memories trapped in the body are not beneficial to health and can start illness or impede getting well, and that is why we must release them! Many mental, emotional and physical diseases are preceded by a significant negative emotional experience (SEE). Significant emotional experience is any major, highly charged emotional event. However, we might not be fully aware of the significance or gravity of a particular event in the past and its effect on us now. These experiences have the potential to create and often are the source of illness and diminish the quality of life because they are stored in the body and are harmful. These trapped emotions in the body can create obstructions that can impede the flow of nerve information through the neural network pathways and lead to all sorts of problems.

Cancer is a disease that scares us the most and is one of the world`s biggest killers. Cancer first begins when one or more of the billions of cells in our body breaks free from it`s normal restraints and starts to multiply in an abnormal, uncontrolled way. This can happen to almost any type of body cell โ€“ bone, skin, blood and so on โ€“ so there are many types of cancer as there are different cells in the body โ€“ about 200. Growth of abnormal cells fall into two broad groups. First are the oncogenes, mutated versions of healthy genes that normally stimulate cell division but, in this instance, become overactive so cell production runs out of control. Secondly, there are mutations that inactivate the tumour-suppresser genes that normally inhibit cell growth. It takes far more than one fault to turn a cell into a cancer cell but, as we go through life, we tend to accumulate genetic mistakes and an accumulation of negative emotional experiences, which is why cancer is more common in the elderly. More than 70 per cent of cancers in the UK occur in the over-65 age group. Could accumulated emotional trauma be a factor here? In about five to ten per cent of cancers, genetic faults are directly inherited, but the other 90 per cent are the result of DNA damage through cancer-causing compounds such as tobacco, chemical poisons, certain viruses, ionising radiation, sunlight and diet but what about the rest? It is interesting to note that many cancers seem to develop out of the blue with many beginning in body tissues that were previously normal. I wonder what percentage of cancers develop out of the blue? A huge percentage, I can tell you!

Again the connection between emotional stress and cancer survival can be explained by recent findings in psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Its research suggests that the persistence of cancer cells depends in part on internal body controls that retrain or stimulate tissue growth; psychological factors appear to regulate these controls through neurological, hormonal, and immunologic pathways. These and other mind/body links could play a major role in determining a person's ability to survive cancer and mind/body therapies should be employed to alleviate these psychological factors.

Dr. Hammer in Germany began his own work in Cancer research with a personal tragedy when his teenage son was killed. Several years later, Dr. Hammer developed cancer and survived. He began to research over 10,000 cases, studying the incidence of severe emotional trauma and the onset of cancer and his results were startling. All cancers are caused by damage to the DNA, which in turn, causes faulty genetic instructions to be given to the cell. Damaged cells then reproduce themselves with the same genetic mistake, which makes them grow abnormally to form a tumour. Dr. Hammer through his research directly states that all cancer starts with a severe psychological conflict and when a major SEE occurs, there is trapped emotion in the brain. The brain suffers something like a mild stroke and starts sending wrong information to a specific part of the body, and mutations start in a number of genes there that allow the growth of abnormal cells. Evidence shows that the onsets of cancer symptoms occur one to three years after the SEE. The nature of the SEE determines the area of the brain, the type of cancer, and the rate of its growth. Even a small imagined conflict SEE could be enough to start or restart the cancer symptoms. As soon as the SEE is released, immediately a change occurs in the area where the trapped emotions were. This can be seen on a CT Scan! Once this occurs, the cancer growth stops and healing begins. This link between disease and retained emotion is very real! Toxic emotions are powerful, strongly held, and often unconsciously active beliefs and emotions that help generate symptoms that keep illnesses in place. A thought held long enough and repeated enough becomes a belief and the belief then becomes biology. The longest study to date, initiated in 1946, focused on students from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Researchers divided 972 of the students into five groups based on various psychological measures. Over the course of three decades, students characterised as "loners" who suppressed their emotions beneath a bland exterior were 16 times more likely to develop cancer than those who gave vent to their feelings. In an earlier report, based on 1,337 students, cancer death rates correlated significantly with a lack of closeness with parents.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine - Pan Mingji, in his book Cancer Treatment with Fu Zheng Pei Ben Principle, presents a section on etiology of cancer, listing 5 contributing factors. The first item mentioned is emotional disturbance: Traditional Chinese Medicine embodies changes of spirit and sentiment as the seven emotions: pleasure, anger, grief, fear, yearning, sorrow, surprise, all of which are emotional, physiological reactions of an organism towards external changes in its environment. Emotional disturbance refers to reactions, either excessive (excitation) or insufficient (inhibition) which will ultimately lead to disturbances in the flowing of qi and blood and the visceral functions, with subsequent illness. Traditional Chinese Medicine claims rage harms the liver, excessive stimulation harms the heart, grief harms the spleen, great sorrow harms the lungs, and fear harms the kidneys. Though not necessarily precise, this belief definitely points out that emotional injury will effect the physiological functions of the qi, blood, viscera, and channels, and lower the body resistance, resulting in disease. The human body is susceptible to cancer when under emotional stress or disturbance. This is mentioned early in Chinese medical classics, such as Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine and Golden Mirror of Original Medicine.

How do you know if you have something to release from a past event? Go back to a memory in your mind that does not contain a trauma or phobia and associate fully into it by putting yourself into the picture and looking through your own eyes. If you recall the memory and you feel any negative emotions and feelings in your body, then that is an indication there is negative emotional content to the memory, and trapped emotion in your body and you need to sort it out. Not only do releasing trapped negative emotions, decisions and beliefs clear up physical health, it also has the potential to improve mental and emotional health. Freedom from the past contributes to an altogether better quality of life, along with motivation and confidence to take charge of your life. Any memory that triggers anger, hurt, sadness, fear or guilt needs to be healed and released through therapeutic interventions. It is also imperative that all traumas and phobias should be eliminated and neutralised with the help of a trained and professional facilitator as a matter of urgency.

Meditation and my own Elevated Energy Therapy (EET) Kundalini Protocol are also

helpful and important aspects of all the approaches that one can use in quantum depth healing, because it allows you to experience your own source. It allows you to be available to your own experience. When you experience your own source, you realise that you are not your thoughts. You are the thinker behind the thought, the observer behind the observation, the unlimited potential of consciousness. When you have that on the experiential level, you spontaneously realise that you have choices, and that you can action these choices, not through willpower alone but spontaneously and naturally Quantum Depth Healing and a quantum approach in therapy addresses the WHOLE PERSON, so it may include a variety of strategies (see below) to deal with negative emotional content to a memory, and trapped emotion in your body. These therapeutic approaches and techniques help release the sequential storage of emotion that is at the root of disease. I have excellent results in assisting people to relieve symptom-ology with a diversity of techniques and approaches. Elevated Therapy in London is a synthesis of bodywork, breathwork, energywork and body mind Integration techniques designed to liberate the BodyMindSpirit from all restrictions. The restrictions that block full expression of the Unlimited Essential Self and stop you returning to the wholeness of being and remaining there. By removing the precursor and restrictions, so your capacity to be well is infinitely transformed. It is also important to continue any traditional medical treatment that you are undergoing as with all non-traditional approaches, anyone with a life threatening dis-ease should see a medical doctor as well. Working therapeutically through Quantum Depth Healing forms an adjunct to that.

Quantum Depth Healing is not just about the physical manifestations of disease but about core level shift in your being, it can help you enter a new phase in your life: to become well and stay well through using and combining the โ€œelevatedโ€ therapies listed below through the mind, body and spirit:

Hypnotherapy ~An efficient, exciting and enlightening tool for your personal, emotional and also spiritual growth if required. A state of deep relaxation in which the unconscious mind is extraordinarily receptive to positive thoughts and suggestions. The goal of this approach is promote an openness of emotions and assist people in dealing with events both past and present without unnecessary difficulties. By expressing yourself and increasing self-awareness - inner harmony, positive feelings and compassion can restore both your mental and physical well-being achieving the inner balance that helps keep negative stress under control. Used also for instilling positive messages in your unconscious and replacing the negative messages thus helping you with your goals and ultimately developing enrichment.

Transpersonal Hypnosis ~ Used as a tool to access and explore the fascinating realm of the unconscious and spiritual mind and the higher self. It can help by going beyond the individual to consider the deep connections between human beings and our capacity to transcend the limitations of a three-dimensional consciousness. This can also help you to uncover unresolved issues and release restrictive emotions and memories so you can regain balance and control of your life.

NLP ~ Neuro-Linguistic Programming studies the structure of how you individually think and experience the world. From this information, techniques for quickly and effectively changing thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that limit you have been developed.

Time Line Therapy ~ This looks at how you organise your memories, and by simple techniques -

takes you back to the past or forward to the future to deal with your issues.

Reiki ~ A method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy. It is not the popular conception of removal of symptoms. Healing is full and complete resolution of the causes of you dis-ease.

Healing is returning to a state of alignment with your Higher Self or true way of being.

Chakra Balancing Balancing and re-aligning your Chakras and Meridian Lines which may be distorted, out of alignment or even stagnant. This blocks life force energy flowing in and out freely and your physical body may suffer. Stress, inability to express emotions, beliefs incongruent with Truth, disconnection from a higher power, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, exposure to toxicity, negative emotions etc. can cause your chakra system to close down.

~ Using breathwork and focussed awareness to easily release long-suppressed negative blocked emotions which brings about massive and positive changes in your health, consciousness, self-esteem, personal power and life in general.

Focusing ~ Consists of specific steps for getting a body sense of how you are in a particular life situation. It begins with the body and occurs in the zone between the conscious and the unconscious. Focusing is coming to know the whole of what your experience "knows," about whatever it is you are dealing with just now. Focusing is more than being in touch with your feelings, greater than just thinking about your problem and different from body work. You experience a physical change in the way that the issue is being lived in the body. You learn to live in a deeper place than just thoughts or feelings. The whole issue looks different and new solutions arise.

The Energy Psychotherapies ~ Working with your emotions and disruptions in your body's energy system through stimulating certain meridian points while you are "tuned in" to the problem or issue. This rapidly eliminates/neutralises negative emotions and the self-limiting beliefs which lead to your numerous everyday problems of human adjustment, personal ineffectiveness, emotional pain, dissatisfaction, and personal blocks.

Energy Medicine ~ For moving and freeing Body, Mind and Spirit through the body's energy systems. Your health problems can be diminished, and overcome, by intelligently shifting the energies that maintain them. By keeping your energies balanced and humming, you increase your vitality, effectiveness, and joy in life!

All of the above approaches can help and support the neutralising of infections - repairing relationships - building one's self-esteem - improving the immune system - releasing pent-up emotional charges - eliminating residue of physical trauma - dealing with experiences of shock - re-programming old patterns - re-establishing proper communication amongst organs, systems, meridians and the brain - finding your own path in life and fulfilling deficient matrix-patterns in your Energy Field. Releasing trapped negative emotions, decisions and beliefs helps to clear up physical health as well as mental and emotional health. Helping you to become well and stay well. We should remind ourselves that the words โ€œhealingโ€ and โ€œholyโ€ come from the same original idea of โ€œmaking wholeโ€. So, begin your joyous journey NOW along the road to your โ€œtrueโ€, โ€œwellโ€ and โ€œWHOLEโ€ self.

Copyright 1999. Dr. Michael G Millett. All Rights Reserved (Elevated Therapy International)
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