Reflexology, EMO & The Angry Foot

Today visited a lady who the previous day had a very tender red patch right across the top of her foot. She said she had not banged it, sprained it, changed her diet or done anything different. It looked like the beginning of gout to me, it looked very angry. I asked if she had felt angry the day it came on. Yes, was the reply and I got the story. I asked her to put her full attention on the sore spot and breathe deeply and relax.

Five mins later when I asked her what was changing she said she felt as if energy was coming out of her toe and the side of her bunion joint. I looked at the previous angry looking patch and it now looked quite brownish and the red focussed on the joint.

We were both amazed to see the change and she said it was much less painful. Still whilst I was doing her feet I asked her to think of the situation which made her feel angry, she felt a tight band across her middle, liver area in fact. Liver, anger, we were on to something. We continued doing about the situation until she herself came up with a solution to the situation she was in and did not feel the tension. She relaxed to enjoy the rest of the treatment.

After the session almost all of the redness had disappeared and there was a white raised area much like a small insect bite on the top of the bunion area, most of the red area had now turned almost brown and she said it felt much easier. For the sake of research she agreed to focus on it again later in the day and see what happened. I called her today to check how she was feeling, hey the redness and extreme tenderness had disappeared.

I am finding the technique of asking people to put their attention on the problem area of their body whilst having reflexology and breathing deeply and regularly to soften the energy idea is really majorly increasing the benefits and it makes an emotional shift extremely quickly too.

I need to attract more clients now they are getting better too quickly. Think I will do some EMO on that. Thanks a million to Dr Silvia for this fabulous technique!


Kath Baker

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