Review: True Happiness by Dr. Mark Atkinson

Review: True Happiness by Dr. Mark Atkinson

True Happiness: Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health by Dr. Mark Atkinson stands out amongst the vast ocean of self-help guides available today. The easy to follow instructions coupled with the authors obvious passion and knowledge, make for a complete and concise guide to gaining โ€œTrue Happinessโ€.

Dr. Atkinson is a medical doctor, best selling author and one of the leading authorities on mind body medicine. His insight, both as a medical doctor and as someone who understands the vast benefits of alternative approaches, make for a fully rounded book. True Happiness teaches us not only to utilise simple and effective alternative techniques such as EMO, which focus on the emotional needs of a person, but also outlines the best ways to optimise your physical needs, such as nutrition and exercise.

Broken down into 8 โ€œPillarsโ€, True Happiness is a step by step guide to creating a well rounded sense of vitality, well being and inner peace. Dr. Atkinson has a concise, easy to read style which is combined with his intimate knowledge of the human body and mind to create a book that ascends the usual level of personal development guides available, creating a must read book for anyone interested in transforming their life.

Highly recommended.

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