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Sally Canning

Sally Canning

It was with great sadness that we learned the news that Sally Canning, a long term member of The GoE family, had passed away on the 19th July (2017).

Her Daughter Laura announced the sad news publicly on Facebook writing;

Today we said goodbye to our gorgeous mum Sally Canning. What a fabulous, talented, positive beauty. Mum passed a week ago today, and due to her organisation skills we were able to hold a private-ish ceremony before Glynn went back to Australia.

I'm sure you'll be aware she had ovarian cancer, and whilst she carried on with absolute grace and loveliness in her stride, her time has now come to go and have a tea party in the sky with Bruce, Gladys, and her dear friends Jill R and Jill S. Mum spent her last 2.5 weeks in Bassetlaw hospice surrounded by their gorgeous staff and beautiful grounds.

Please can I ask two things of you – firstly, if you knew my mum, my brother and I would love it if you could send me your most treasured memory of my mum.

Secondly, there are two charities we would like to support in her memory. Firstly, of course, is Bassetlaw Hospice. The quality of care, and respect that both mum, and my brother and I received was exceptional – a world away from the hospital system. They made sure mum was comfortable in both the physical sense with medicines and nice bedding etc, and in the emotional sense with lots of tlc. The staff accommodated my brother and I spending every minute of every day there with our mum, and showed us such kindness, as well as letting us use their facilities. With the support of the Hospice team, we were able to focus solely on love and care for our mum, and not worry about where we would sleep, or how we would get food without leaving her side. The Hospice staff and medicines are funded by the NHS, however the building and contents are charity funded. A charity, that hopefully you will agree deserves support so that other families can continue to benefit for many years to come.

The second charity, is Target Ovarian Cancer, whom mum and I have actively supported for the last two and a half years. This amazing charity funds medical research, campaigns for better legislation, regulation of treatment etc, and perhaps most critically, raises awareness in the general public and educates GPs. Ovarian cancer is so often, like with mum, discovered in an advanced stage, because the symptoms can be passed off or mistaken so easily - by GPs and by women themselves. In fact, over a quarter of women are diagnosed in A&E rather than by their GP! This isn't good enough. With our support the great work of this charity can continue.

Please do give what you can.

Much, much love and thanks in advance.

Laura & Glynn xxxx

 The GoE send their deepest condolences to her family and friends for the loss of a truly remarkable and inspitaional lady.

Sally Canning

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