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Schizophrenia & The EMO Wow Factor

Schizophrenia & The EMO Wow Factor

I qualified as an ETP in 2008 but it has only been this year that I have been able to truly start to appreciate that wow factor of EMO!

I have been working with a client who earlier this year was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

This is a touching story about using EMO to help treat someone with serious personal issues.

I have been advertising in a local shop that I offer courses called "Learning to love yourself again" mixing EMO and EFT techniques together, investigating many arenas of influence such as the media, our relationships, our belief and expectations, perceived under Trance works. I then took him through how he felt right there, right then. As you can bet he visibly calmed down and the thoughts dropped down a gear.

We tried out a bit of EFT (he thought something more visible would be more beneficial), but then he started talking about he felt disconnected from the world. The world could go by, yet he felt unable to reach out and touch it. YES THERE IT WAS THE HAND GESTURES INDICATING A BLOCK! How cool was that... my first real life practitioner opportunity!

So we took him through the block slowly but surely, a week later I saw him again. He occasionally sells the Big Issue in the city and he said "Jo, I don't know what we did but I have noticed a real difference. Last week I could not be bothered to sell the big issue properly and people seemed to belong to another world, walking past while I stood in this glass bubble. Today was so different I felt I could go up and shake their hand and say “hello darling fancy buying a copy of the big issue...” What a cool reaction to a bit of softening and flowing!

I was proud of that then I became really impressed with the last session we did last month. As I said earlier he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and to over come some of his demons and to bring in some money he has taken on a part time job in telesales.

After weeks at work he feels very much like an outsider because of his mental health, but also because a lot of the staff are uni students.

He described a scenario where a group of workers were in the kitchen laughing and joking. He tried to join in but felt very much alone and on the outside. He made one comment and he said it felt it failed and every one look at him as if he was a mad man. Which he reinforced saying “if you think about it, I'm the lunatic.”

BINGO! There it was, his feeling that he was this condition, not a person, who by the way felt paranoid some times! So we soften and flowed.... watching his body language he sat slumped down in the arm chair, almost hiding from the world. As he moved the energy through he changed. He stretched his neck, then his shoulders went down. Next he sat up a little straighter. At last his face relaxed, and it appeared to me that he lost 15 years from his face and there came a brand new glow!

It took some time, and a little guidance to help his concentration. It seemed as the energy moved memories surfaced, some bad but a few that made him smile too. It seemed to me that those memories were just as important as the softening and flowing. They in their own right were healing in itself.

I await with baited breath a phone call to book another session. I believe it really has moved many many emotional obstacles already


Joanne Frost
Tranquil Journey

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