The Science Behind Astral Healing

The Science Behind Astral Healing

Astral Healing is a new and exciting energetic therapy that combines the four energetic light body systems with Jungian depth psychology.

Gerard Coleman, an Astral Healer, has written a great introduction to this intriguing subject...

The Astral plane of existence is the realm whereby we hold our emotions from both past and present lives. Therefore, releasing emotions from our light body in the astral plane is paramount to the enjoyment of our lives.ย ย  It is these hidden emotions that programme the spiritual laws of mankind which form the fabric of what we call our reality on earth. The spiritual laws of mankind cannot be broken and exist regardless of our wishes. However, Astral Healing provides the knowledge to enable the person manipulate energy to be a master in their own right.ย  Upon completing Astral Healing you will be left in no doubt as to why your life is the way it is and will be able to say โ€˜I am a Godโ€™. Changing the emotionality of our lives to live the life you came here to experience is what Astral healing is about.

We analyse the chakra system, the emotional light body, the cauldron system of development along with the Tree of Life cabbala system of development. These four systems are explained in psychological terms but are then healed energetically. These systems can be felt energetically on the personโ€™s body and crown chakra. Utilising the โ€˜breath of lifeโ€™ which is generated from within the therapists Hara centre, we blow the healing breath onto the particular light body system on the crown which correspondingly releases the trauma within the light body on the astral plane. The client awakens feeling fresh and relaxed. As the clients trauma can be somatically felt within the therapists body, you can feel the trauma energetically release but also predict the next level of trauma that will develop for the client in the next thirty days. You can then apply the spiritual laws to both the released and emerging energies for the client and accurately โ€˜predictโ€™ the next thirty days of emotionality in the clients life.

Astral healing utilises Guides, Angels, and Earth energies such as Power Animals and Morgan. We also train therapists how to send deceased spirits to the light. We explain how we process emotions and release the past through the hierarchy of emotions. We look at bereavement and how the light body needs a specific treatment to deal with the loss of a loved one. We explain how we energetically develop one of five personalities and how each personality requires a different treatment plan in order to self actualise. We examine relationships in depth with regards โ€˜essenceโ€™ and how you will realise that all relationships are perfect in their level of dysfunction/function. We explain the spiritual laws of mankind and their operation in practical terms within our lives.ย  Astral healing will allow abundance to flow into your life and will bring forth any spiritual or psychic gifts.

Therapy has to get away from the fact that the person attending treatment needs to release their fear of โ€˜tins of beansโ€™. The actual fear of beans is possibly only 5% of the overall neurosis in their life. Even if you magically release their fear in a therapy session, have you actually attended to the development of the Soul of the client? Rather than treating a client for one session, Astral Healing will allow you walk with your client on the Souls journey. This journey takes between one and three years of monthly sessions.

Astral Healing training, held at weekends is currently available in Ireland. In winter 2011, training will be available in England. For Details see, Or contact Gerry Coleman on

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