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Seemorg Matrix Work - An Introduction

Seemorg Matrix Work™ is a set of protocols that provides thorough, deep, quick, and relatively painless treatment even for people with personality disorders. It does this by relating childhood and other traumas to negative beliefs, desires, compulsions, obsessions, fantasies, and addictions, and clearing all of them. It incorporates protocols for physical abreactions, allergies, and physical illness, and so makes possible the healing of psychogenic diseases along with their causes. Finally, by including practices for instilling Positive Qualities, centering, embodiment, purification, grounding, and presence, it provides opportunities for spiritual development and wholeness for client and therapist alike.

Seemorg Matrix Work

by Nahoma Asha Clinton

My Path to Seemorg Matrix Work

I came to Seemorg Matrix Work™ as a therapist, but also as a person who desired an end to old suffering, who wanted to feel solid, joyous and free. I attended my first energy psychotherapy training on a colleague’s recommendation. I saw that “sadder but wiser” could become ecstatic, peaceful, and healthy, and was inspired to work toward that goal.

The result is Seemorg Matrix Work™. Briefly stated, Seemorg Matrix Work™ is a set of protocols that provides thorough, deep, quick, and relatively painless treatment even for people with personality disorders. It does this by relating childhood and other traumas to negative beliefs, desires, compulsions, obsessions, fantasies, and addictions, and clearing all of them. It incorporates protocols for physical abreactions, allergies, and physical illness, and so makes possible the healing of psychogenic diseases along with their causes. Finally, by including practices for instilling Positive Qualities, centering, embodiment, purification, grounding, and presence, it provides opportunities for spiritual development and wholeness for client and therapist alike.

Seemorg Matrix Work™ is giving my clients the gift of healing and peace, plus the possibility of deeper development. It has transformed them from people who had to suffer for years in order to achieve a modicum of freedom and joy, to people who can have these blessings quickly and almost painlessly. I am happy to report that with every passing month, clients and therapists alike are reporting extraordinary successes with this work.

Nahoma Asha Clinton

Princeton, New Jersey

Foundations of Seemorg Matrix Work

Seemorg Matrix Work is based on the psychodynamic underpinnings provided by analytic psychology, the neo-Freudians, and self psychology, on traumatology, on energy psychology-- TFT, EFT, TAT, EDxTM, BSFF, and NAET, on Reiki and MariEl, and on teachings and practices drawn from Sufism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

The Conceptual Basis of Seemorg Matrix Work

The most significant basis of this work is the redefinition of trauma. In the Matrix model, any occurrence is considered a trauma which, when we think of it or it is triggered by some present event, evokes difficult emotions and/or physical symptoms, gives rise to negative beliefs, desires, fantasies, compulsions, obsessions, addictions or dissociation, blocks the development of positive qualities and spiritual connection, and fractures human wholeness.

The focus of Seemorg Matrix Work, is the clearing of both the recent traumas that often bring people into therapy, and Core Traumas and Core Traumatic Patterns, the original childhood or earlier traumas that underlie the present traumas. This is because Core Traumas and Core Traumatic Patterns are the ones that have most deeply shaped-- and sometimes, distorted-- our lives. For many of us, Core Traumas and Core Traumatic Patterns are about being unloved, unappreciated, abandoned, betrayed, used, unseen, and the like.

Core Traumas breed destructive Core Beliefs, such as: “I am bad,” “The world is a horrible place,” and “People are out to get me.” These beliefs, which often reside in the unconscious, negativize the individual’s view of self, other, the world, and life. Any significant trauma can spawn many interconnected negative Core Beliefs. As they accumulate, they form a foundation of negativity in the psyche, and turn us toward pessimism, bitterness, skepticism, and negative expectations. Because Core Beliefs are integral parts of the character structures of the psyche, transforming destructive or negative Core Beliefs to a constructive, positive state is crucial to the healing of any pathology, but most of all to the healing of the personality disorders. As a result, it is as important to treat Core Beliefs as it is to treat the traumas that spawned them.

The Structure of Traumatic Experience

Of course, what is implied is that there is usually a structure to traumatic experience that must be taken into account if we are to treat our clients successfully. First, chronologically, Core Traumas occur which can result in profound emotions, sometimes physical sensations or symptoms, the birth of negative Core Beliefs, desires, compulsions, obsessions, and addictions, dissociation, the derailment of the development of related positive qualities, and a fracturing of human wholeness, so that mind, emotions, ego, self, body, spirit, and ground are no longer well interconnected.

Second, the traumas and their resultant negative emotions, sensations, fantasies, beliefs, desires, compulsions, obsessions, addictions, and dissociation become a template for further experience. Together, they form a working unit, a complex within the psyche that says, “This is how it (always) is.” The trauma validates the related negative emotions, sensations, beliefs, desires, etc., and each of these confirms the trauma and the others. This traumatic complex becomes reality for the traumatized individual. The result of this programming is the development of lesser traumas that are in some sense repetitions of the deep level traumatic complexes, like goslings following their mother. This is called a traumatic pattern.

Third, the trauma complex becomes a grid through which negative experience is selectively taken in. If we hold negative Core Beliefs about others and ourselves that arise from a Core Trauma, we see the world through them.

Fourth, the traumatic complex becomes a grid that keeps positive experience selectively out.

Seemorg Matrix Work™: Whole Healing

All the parts of Seemorg Matrix Work are intrinsic to thorough healing. For example, transforming negative Core Beliefs rights the character structures that we therapists have found so difficult to transform. These character structures are like a vast net of interwoven strands of yarn that forms the foundation of psychological functioning. When a traumatic pattern distorts the psyche, it affects not one strand, but numbers of interconnected ones, like dry rot in a rug. For this reason, Seemorg Matrix Work clears matrices, whole groups of related Core Beliefs connected to particular types of traumas or traumatic patterns. There is little point replacing one strand of yarn in a section of carpet affected by dry rot: It will soon be re-infected. You need to replace the whole section. Similarly, transforming Core Belief Matrices makes characterological transformation possible, even with narcissistic clients.

Each human being has a spirit as well as a psyche and a body. That spirit is the center of Divine experience, and the deeper center of each human being. The process of connecting to and dwelling in that spirit (also called, the self, the center, the higher self, the Atman in various traditions) is perhaps the most profound and satisfying experience of all. In my twenty years as a therapist, I have often seen trauma block connection to spirit, just as it blocks the flowering of Positive Qualities, all of which are, in fact, aspects of spirit. Through its emphasis on developing the Positive Qualities and through its Meditations, Seemorg Matrix Work can heal the breach between person and God that has been caused by trauma.

The result is a whole therapy that clears trauma and its sequelae so thoroughly that clients can live safely and comfortably in their depths, that nurtures clients’ growth through the development of their Positive Qualities and through the reunion of all their aspects of being.

About the Developer of Seemorg Matrix Work

Nahoma Asha Clinton was impelled to become a therapist and healer after a near-terminal illness. During her many years of private practice, she learned various forms of healing, became a practicing student of Buddhism and Sufism, and learned the emerging energy psychology techniques. Seemorg Matrix Work is the synthesis of more than twenty years of training and clinical practice. A former Princeton University professor, Dr. Clinton is nationally known for her clarity and insight as a presenter and supervisor, and her skillfulness in treating trauma, abuse, physical illness, and spiritual blockage.

The Ten Levels of Seemorg Matrix Work

Seemorg Matrix Work training is offered in ten 3-day seminars. At each level, you will learn theory and practice method. You will clear others and yourself because, as in all therapies, success depends on the clarity and development of the therapist.

Level 1: Introduction to the Psyche: The basic theoretical, energetic, and psychological tools used in Seemorg Matrix psychological work are explained, demonstrated, and practiced. They include methods for Insuring Success, the Covenant, the Core Belief Protocol, the Traumatic Emotion Protocol, the Traumatic Pattern Protocol, the Family Clearing Protocol, the Forgotten Trauma Protocol, the use of the Core Belief Matrices, and Seemorg Matrix Meditations.

Level 2: The Psyche, continued: Deeper tools for the energetic treatment of the psyche: two Archetypal Protocols, two Transference/Countertransference Protocols, the Positive Qualities Protocol, the Instantaneous Protocols, the Forgiveness Protocol, more meditations, and Therapist Self-Care, all explained, demonstrated, and practiced.

Level 3: Introduction to the Body: In this seminar on treating psychogenic illness, the basic theoretical, energetic, and psychological tools used in Seemorg Matrix body treatment are explained, demonstrated, and practiced. These include the Mind-Body Covenant, General Lifestyle Issues, Seemorg Matrix Energy Toxin Desensitization, the Emotion Protocol (for emotional dissociation and repression), the Boundary Protocol, and the General Illness Process.

Level 4: The Body, continued: Provides additional tools for treating psychogenic physical illnesses and disorders, including: Choosing a Healing Path, the Golden Key Protocol, the Unwillingness to Change Protocol, the Bodily Dissociation Protocol, the Shadow and Disease Process, the Cancer Process, the Infectious Disease Process, the Asthma Protocol, and Seemorg Seemorg Matrix Work Healing.

Level 5: The Body, continued: Provides more tools for treating psychogenic physical illnesses and disorders, including: the Autoimmune Process, the Heart Disease Process, the Osteoarthritis Protocol, the Illness Message Protocol, the Body Forgiveness Protocol, the Positive Bodily Qualities, and client self-care.

Level 6: Unblocking the Spirit: In this introductory seminar, the basic theoretical, energetic, spiritual, and psychological tools used in Seemorg Matrix spiritual clearing work are explained, demonstrated, and practiced. These include the Divine Projection Protocol, Past Life and Lineage Protocol, Spiritual Practice Protocol, the Religious Trauma Protocol, and a group of meditations and other spiritual practices designed to unblock the spirit.

Level 7: Developing the Spirit: In this introductory meditation retreat, practices with breath, sound, and light, positive spiritual qualities, meditation, and the seven inner planes will be utilized to assist the participant’s further spiritual development.

Levels 8-10: The Personality Disorders and other Selected Topics in Seemorg Matrix Work: In these three levels, strategies for the treatment of each of the Personality Disorders, OCD, Panic Disorder, DID, and a few other difficult-to-treat disorders will be explained, demonstrated, and practiced.

Certification and Teleconsultation in Seemorg Matrix Work.

Our new field has taken responsibility for the dissemination of and training in the energy psychotherapies in an amazing and wonderful way. Now I want to take responsibility for the development and improvement of Seemorg Matrix Workers. Successful Seemorg Matrix Work requires the synthesis of energy psychotherapy, traditional psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, spirituality, and analytic psychology. Without supervision, many therapists and healers may not provide as high a quality of Seemorg Matrix Work as they are capable of, and as their clients deserve.

For these reasons, certification in each level of Seemorg Matrix Work requires a minimum of 5 teleconsultations in Seemorg Matrix Work after the completion for each level of Seemorg Matrix training. During one of the five sessions, each person desiring certification is required to present for consultation at least one case in which s/he is using Seemorg Matrix Work, and to demonstrate in consultation both with questions, comments, and presentation, that s/he has mastered that level. Toward this end I am offering individual and group sessions that cover everything relevant to Seemorg Matrix Work training. You are, of course, welcome to take Seemorg Matrix Work training without certification, or receive more sessions of consultation than are required for it.

Teleconsultation sessions are dynamic and exciting. There’s always plenty of time for questions, comments and feedback, and Asha clarifies the best ways to use Seemorg Matrix Work with each client that is being discussed. Group conference call teleconsultation costs $300 for the five consecutive sessions required for certification, and $60 for each additional session thereafter. Group Conference call teleconsultation on selected Friday afternoons is held at 3:30 and 4:30 PM EST. Each person in the Group Consultation pays his/her own telephone bill. Individual consultation costs $175 for 45 minutes, with session times arranged with Asha.

Case presentation includes a brief childhood history of the client, the presenting problem(s), the relationship of the client with each parent, what the parents were like, the parents’ relationship with each other, the presenting problem, relevant traumas, and the therapist's questions, problems and issue(s) with the case. Relevant psychodynamic, traumatological, and transferential/countertransferential issues are also addressed during the sessions. Some sessions are special in Seemorg Matrix Work, and typically focus on particular disorders or illness such as OCD or asthma. Information on upcoming special Topic Teleconsultaitons is placed on the listserv.

As a part of the teleconsultation format, we also ask that you subscribe to the Seemorg Matrix Work listserv, Matrices@listbot.com. Cases that are to be discussed are posted there a few days before the session. In this way participants can read and think about each case beforehand and give more useful feedback.

To be teleconsultation group members for a given level, participants must have completed Seemorg Matrix training at that level.

For more information, contact us at:

Energy Revolution, Inc.
215 Snowden Lane
Princeton, New Jersey 08540

609-924-8492 phone & fax
web site: www.SeemorgMatrix.org
e-mail: MatrixTherapy@aol.com

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