Sensitivity Training Using EMO by Detlev Tesch

Sensitivity Training Using EMO by Detlev Tesch Detlev Tesch, EMO Trainer, explains with examples and exercises how we can be more sensitive to energy flow. These are useful techniques for anyone who has problems identifying the feelings associated with flowing energy, or for experienced practitioners looking to improve their own sensitivity. This is the English Language version of the original article: Wahrnehmungsübungen für EMO.

EMO is a skill of the body and energy system. It is also an entirely natural faculty and skill, for our system is permanently processing energy, even if we don't take notice. If it didn't our body might not survive for long.

In my practical work with EMO I have come across a few people who have a hard time feeling, sensing their emotions or the energy in their body or to register moving energy.

This feeling of emotions and energy is a kind of sense perception, similar to seeing, smelling, sense of touch etc. The capacity of sensing areas and processes in ones own body differs from person to person. You have people who are very sensitive and register even very faint occurrences, while others may need much stronger Input. It is also possible that at some point a system decided for itself that coping with this world is way easier when some inputs are kept away from consciousness.

Like with all skills (be that learning languages, playing Tennis, juggling, driving a car or tying shoelaces) different people pick up EMO at different speeds. Therefor it makes sense to me to persevere when faced with difficulties.

We can train all our senses.

If we like to drink wine or beer there comes a time when we are able to become aware of differences between different types, brands etc. We might even become a veritable connoisseur.

The same goes for eating - those gourmets often enjoy a formidable reputation.

Or with smelling – it is immensely important for the entire cosmetics industry.

This goes to show that we can train our senses. It is largely a matter of learning and practicing.

If you find it difficult to feel Energies in your body please consider to do this perception exercise for at least one or two weeks – ideally practicing several times a day, since it doesn't take much time.

  • IMPORTANT: Do this in a relaxed and playful manner. Effort and strain are counter productive to this.
  • Sit or stand in a relaxed way.
  • Now quickly shake one of your hands about 15 times – without hurting yourself ;-)
  • Relax both hands.
  • Consciously feel both hands (simultaneously or one after the other) and check how different they feel.
  • Do the same thing now with your other hand.
  • Again feel the differences.
  • How far does the feeling extend?
  • What is changing?
  • Now shake both hands.
  • Register the sensations in both hands.
  • Register how different your hands feel from other areas of your body.
  • Observe only! Do not judge. Accept it the way it is.
A few variations to this exercise – 'coz, how long will we practice if things get boring? ;-)
  • Make four knee-bends – first with one leg, then with the other, then with both legs.
  • Each time consciously register the sensations and the differences.
  • Quickly and powerfully rub first one, then the other hand over (e.g.) your thigh. Feel the sensations – maybe even in your hand and your thigh simultaneously.
  • For 15 to 30 seconds massage one of your outer ears. Feel the differences. Then proceed with the other one.
  • Cool an area of your body with cold water, by putting for instance a hand or a foot under running water or putting a moist cloth over part of your face or some other part of your body. Feel the differences. Cool a different part of your body. Feel again. Does the cold feeling expand? In which direction? How quickly?
  • Sitting down tense the muscles in one of your thighs for about 10 seconds, let go, feel, change sides.
  • Observe only! Do not judge. Accept it the way it is.
The next level:
  • Remember a movie that touched or fascinated you (funny, sad or thrilling). Practice feeling where in your body that emotion expresses itself.
  • Or specifically watch one of those movies that you already know and pay attention to your bodily sensations connected to emotional content.
  • Once you have located an emotion in your body – if you are actually watching the movie just hit "Pause" ;) – and allow that energy to flow. Observe the path the energy takes. Playfully, in a relaxed manner, without willpower, without force.
  • Of course, instead of a movie you may choose a book, a story, a poem, a painting etc.
  • Or you remember a situation in your life that has touched or fascinated you. Maybe a time when you had a problem, or were in love, or were sad, or grateful, or felt lucky or happy etc. Locate the emotion in your body, let it soften and flow.
  • When this works to some extend occasionally (and then more and more often) put your attention on your emotions in everyday life (joy, anger, fear, love...). Ask yourself, "How do I know that I feel that emotion?" Try to locate where you feel that in your body.
  • When you found that place allow the emotion, the energy to move, to flow. And observe it.
  • Please take note: it is an allowing, an intention. Not forcing. Energy flows by its nature, energy IS movement, is flow. In my opinion it is usually a part of our system that keeps the energy from flowing. So: allow it, let it happen.
  • Practice daily.
  • Let your practicing be playful and relaxed. Be serene and allow yourself some time.
And now I wish you much success and a lot of fun.

Detlev Tesch
Trainer of EMO and EFT
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