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The Serbian Association for Alternative, Energy & Spiritual Medicine: An Introduction

The Serbian Association for Alternative, Energy & Spiritual Medicine: An Introduction

The GoE is proud of its diverse membership, with Practitioners and Trainers practicing all around the world. However, sometimes local knowledge is important for professional Energists, which is why joining an Association in your own country, in addition to your international GoE membership, is a good idea.

Here is an introduction to the Serbian Association for Alternative, Energy & Spiritual Medicine, who are dedicated to the research and promotion of energy healing in all its forms.

The Serbian Association of Alternative, Energy & Spiritual Medicine (SUTEDM) was established as a professional, non-partisan, non-profit association to achieve the objectives in the field of research, development and application of alternative, energy & spiritual medicine, providing information and continuing education, keeping the Register of Therapists, as and contributions in the regulation of the legislation and lobbying in these areas.

The objectives of the Association are: scientific professional research and development of alternative, energy & spiritual medicine, vocational training, capacity building organization and raising awareness in these areas, as well as the impact of the legislation that will improve the status of these areas. To achieve its goals the Association:

• Collect and process scientific and technical literature in the field of alternative, energy & spiritual medicine;
• Organizes, alone or in partnership with other organizations, professional meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, annual conferences and other forms of education and training in these areas;
• Create a library of books, magazines and software relevant to the alternative, energy and spiritual medicine;
• Publishes books and other publications on the topics of alternative, energy & spiritual medicine, in accordance with the law;
• Organize experts to work on scientific, technical and research projects in the field of alternative, energy & spiritual medicine;
• Promote awareness of the importance of developing alternative, energy & spiritual medicine;
• Cooperate with Universities, Schools, Professional Associations and other Organizations at home and abroad that deal with alternative, energy & spiritual medicine;
• Establishment and maintenance of the Register of Therapists and the Registry of Supervisors;
• Promotion and advancement of alternative, energy & spiritual medicine, as a special quantum-holistic philosophical approach to man and his health as a whole, by organizing lectures and familiarize the public with the basic concepts of alternative, energy and spiritual medicine;
• Establishing standards for training & practice alternative, energy and spiritual medicine;
• Protecting the rights of the professional status and alternative, energy and spiritual medicine therapists;
• Participate and lobbies for legal regulation of these areas;
• Organize study tours and exchanges with foreign associations and organizations with similar profiles;

The association brings together therapists and healers, corporations, medical practices, associations and organizations covered by the activities of one or more areas of unconventional medicine: acupuncture, homeopathy, ayurveda, yoga, chiropractic, bio-energy therapy, crystal healing, dowsing, spiritual healing, Reiki, Techniques for improving the quality of Life, kinesiology, acupuncture and many other methods and techniques. A large number of our members acting within companies and professional associations specialized in certain areas of unconventional medicine. We gather and members from other countries who occasionally visited Serbia and represent their therapeutic and healing activities. Association includes regular, associate, sponsor and honorary members.

Daniel Prokić Manojlovic, 2013
PR & Marketing, SUTEDM

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