The Snow Globe & God's Love

The Snow Globe & God's Love

She has been struggling for a long time with her feelings around her relationship with her husband and her family. She has been through many distressful situations at her workplace and is experiencing frustration at not being able to find a job, which she says she really needs as their money is scarce.

Overall she seemed unable to truly connect with her body and her spirit although she is a woman who has a strong faith in Godโ€™s love and care. Somehow, it seemed to be at an intellectual level. We tapped and emotranced, energy danced, visualized, met her future self and tried so many ways. While she made great progress in her personal development things did not seem to fall into place.

The Snow Globe and the Thought Flow have long been favourites of mine. As I waited for this woman to come to see me I reached in to my Own Source to ask for guidance. Many people know that for me this is the Father/Mother/ All Possible Aspects of God, expressed in the Word/ Jesus and their Breath/ Spirit or Holy Spirit. As I did this and listened the Snow Globe came to mind. So too did the very clear image of the benefit of the Snow Globe in connecting the Conscious Mind, with the Heart, the Soul and the Source of our being.

As the woman talked about her family story, and events connected with her difficulty, I asked her about the specific events and how they evolved. I then asked her about her Meta conversations. As we talked I realized that she continues to remain in her head and that the work could take many hours. So I asked her to put the event and the comments and all her feelings and thoughts about the event into the Snow Globe. I explained the process to her.

The Conscious Mind directs attention, articulates and translates but it has to pass everything over to the Spirit> to the Soul and ultimately to God/The Source/ The Matrix.ย  I did the circular movement so she could have an image of what was happening. I told her that by giving everything over to her Source she was connecting with her whole self and that the feedback would come through her heart. I explained that this was much more powerful than if she tried to do everything herself. She understood and was happy to work in this way.

As she put her hands over her head I asked her to abandon all this to God and to wait for the answer. She listened in silence and the transformation was amazing. She was able to look at the same event with a whole new perspective. I could palpably feel the change in her. I then asked her to return to the event she had been working on and see how she could be โ€œin the nowโ€ of the event and that she could change what happened. She did this and was able to respond to the words spoken and her own feelings in a totally new way. It was such a joy.

In the past she always seemed to come up against some new problem even after she had emotranced the feelings. It is obvious now that she needed something that would catch all her globally connected problems and which would enable her to let go all at once. Today we covered so much ground and her eyes were shining as she left. She felt transformed and said that the Snow Globe would be her tool of choice as it is so simple and easy to do.

We also talked about her attraction to helping to uplift people with a disability or who are ill. Again using the Snow Globe she was able to be clearer about her purpose and clarify her motivation.

As I reflect on it I see that this was successful because the woman is honest about what she wants even though her Conscious Mind is very limited about how she is going to get it. She desperately wants to make the best of her life now that her family is grown and she is very clear about this. So together with her honest intent and her ability and desire to listen to her inner guidance she has a perfect tool for letting go, listening, changing events, and overall being very happy.

I am so glad to have this experience using The Snow Globe. I came away from the session promising myself I will do this from now on as much as I need to because it will cut much of the unnecessary worry and limited thinking.

I am delighted too that I can use it with my Church friends who may not be open to releasing through Emotrance. But using the Snow Globe and by showing them the pathway of their prayer to God and how the answers can come through the heart and ultimately through the body this will have a very powerful and liberating meaning for them. It will enable them to see that the God โ€˜out thereโ€™ needs to speak to them through their own heart and their own body.

Silvia has often explained her understanding of the process from the Conscious Mind, through the Snow Globe going out over the head, and coming back from the Great Matrix through the Soul into the Heart and back through the body to the Conscious Mind which can then express it in a whole new way. It has opened up a great vista for me too in my prayer life when I want to help people and situations through my intercessory prayer.

Margarita Foley

September 13th 2011

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