Join the StarMatrix Master program through Distance Learning - Starting this Monday!ย  *Limited Spaces Remain*

Our flexible format accommodates ANY TIMEZONE! You are not required to be available at specific times for the 12-week duration. You will have a full week to engage with course units and participate in group discussions.

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Refocus on your POWER, your STRENGTH and your MAGIC with STARMATRIX.

  • Would you like to spend 12 weeks focusing on your happy memories and the best parts of your life?
  • Would you like to re-train your brain away from trauma and negative triggers, towards happy memories and positive triggers?
  • Would you like to build a mental infrastructure that helps supports you through life?

If the answer is YES, then the Star Matrix Masters Course if perfect for you.ย 

In Star Matrix you will:

  • Raise your energy average
  • Create a wonderful Book of Stars
  • Share you Star Memories
  • Learn what makes you truly happy
  • Find a source of on-going joy

Course Format:

We release a course unit each week for 12 weeks, starting on the 25th March 2024. Each Unit contains an on-line video by Silvia Hartman and a written course page. You will also be invited to join a private message group for course students only. Here we can share our memories, experiences and ask questions.

Please note this course is suitable for ANY TIMEZONE! You do not have to be available at a set time for 12 weeks! You have a full week to learn then the course unit and share your experiences with the group.


  • Complete all 12 units
  • Take the On-line multiple choice test for each unit
  • Display your StarMatrix Masters Certificate with PRIDE!


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