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Starving For Love Amidst The Oceans Of Energy

Silvia Hartmann writes: People spend an absolute fortune on diet gizmos, pills and fancy foods. They study nutrition in great detail, weigh their calories and exercise themselves into early arthritis. They have plastic surgery to keep looking young and spend ยฃ90 on a tiny tube of wrinkle cream. They take drugs to speed them up, mellow themselves out, have a bit of artificial ecstasy in their lives once in a while - and after all of that, end up starving to death in completely different way - quite literally.

Starving For Love Amidst The Oceans Of Energy

by Silvia Anne Hartmann, CTAMT, MSNLP, CHABH, CHNGH

People spend an absolute fortune on diet gizmos, pills and fancy foods. They study nutrition in great detail, weigh their calories and exercise themselves into early arthritis. They have plastic surgery to keep looking young and spend ยฃ90 on a tiny tube of wrinkle cream. They take drugs to speed them up, mellow themselves out, have a bit of artificial ecstasy in their lives once in a while - and after all of that, end up starving to death in completely different way - quite literally.

For at least 6000 years it has been well known that the human energy system has the most profound impact on all levels of health, happiness, and fitness to live more than just a half-life of unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

Isn't it about time we turned our attention to the requirements of this total mind/body system, what it's resident energy immune system requires for maximum functioning, why it is that our energy systems are so disturbed, blocked, disconnected - rivers that churn but do not flow?

Isn't it time we would ask the questions of Energy Nutrition - what is it, how does it work, and what you can do to avoid the equivalent of "energy scurvy" across your mind/body systems which absolutely lead to cancer, all forms of degenerative diseases and the most serious of mental health problems?

No Even Flow ...

Any practitioner who deals with the human energy system - acupuncturists, kinesiologists, acupressurists, energy healers, touch healers, Reiki practitioners, holistic healers working with chakras, with auras, and all the other disciplines such as the New Meridian Energy Therapies (EFT, TFT et al) - can tell you clearly that when they see someone, all is definitely NOT well.

Chakras are displaced and spinning backwards; they are distorted, disconnected, dried up, atrophied.

Meridians have major blockages all over their complex river networks with vast areas that have become nothing but a desert where any life is struggling desperately to even be able to make it from day to the next.

Auras and Energy Fields are disturbed, full of attachments, dirt and dust; with swirling vortices that drain energy the whole time, twisting and churning here and radiation-too-bright over there.

Even if you're not working with the energy systems, just take a look around. Look, really LOOK at people's faces in the street, on the underground in rush hour traffic, in the supermarkets, at Mind-Body-Spirit Festivals. Look at how they move and how walk - this is NOT dancing through life with eyes wide open and ready to find out what else there might be from one exciting day to the next!

So, this is how it is. We try to combat these dreadful states of existence with everything we can lay our hands on - with vegetables, with potions, with pills and with gurus, with illusions, with mantras. We overeat, we abuse substances, we try and trance out with movies and computers and work - in fact, anything - ANYTHING! - at all to *remove the constant pain* we're in, a droning, grating background noise that is ever present, always there, always always nagging, nagging, dragging us down, sucking our energy away no matter what we do and slowly over time, eroding first our will to live with joy, then our health, then our will to live, and finally take away our lives.

This is the half-life I mentioned earlier. This is the catastrophe of the Western World.

It is simply so that we have NO IDEA of how to feed ourselves correctly in the energetic sense.

We were absolutely NEVER TOLD how to take care of ourselves and our energy systems in any way, and what we WERE told is useless at best but far more often, intensely damaging instead.

How to USE YOUR ENERGY SYSTEM as it was designed was NEVER modelled for us or even acknowledged as something that's so incredibly vital to living successfully at all!

We have NO IDEA at the conscious level of how BADLY we are mishandling the currents and components of the "Oceans Of Energy" of which we are a part and how much we are HURTING ourselves in the process.

I believe we have a deep remembrance of HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE deep, deep down inside our minds and bodies, and we have a tremendous anger and behind that, fields of sadness the size of Galaxies that pervade us all as we continue to live and act AGAINST the Even Flow, day in, day out, from moment to moment - whether we're consciously aware of it, or not.

I have researched this particular phenomenon all my life, in one shape or form or the other.

There is something so *profoundly wrong* about the way we conduct our lives that it hurts. All the time. All of us. And through us, all and everything we touch and thus, pass on the *wrongness* that seems so interwoven with our very beings that often, I simply stood in tears and didn't know anymore where to start, or if there was any point at all, any hope at all to do *anything*.

I have worked and studied and researched, endlessly and ceaselessly, for as long as I can remember because there IS A PART OF ME that KNOWS we can do better. It's not a feeling, a hope or a theory but it is an absolute, incontrovertible KNOWING - and that's what made me pick up the pieces, time and time again, and go on, after the dark hours had passed once again.

"Could Do Better ..."

We are *structurally designed* to do better. You could say, God made us with the potential to *do better* and to be able to change the experience of this World back into something altogether different, something so *other* than what we've been doing so far that truly, I don't think we can begin to have any idea, picture or conception of what this *other* might look like, be like, feel like.

In the olden days, people came up with lions sleeping with lambs and rivers full of milk as a representation of what that might be like - yes, it's pathetic, but the best they could do with what they had. But that's beside the point.

What is the point is that we now have *a starting point* in the right direction.

After 25 years of working with energy, one way or the other, I am beginning to see the patterns unfold, and as I do, I am beginning to see just where we are going wrong.

Going wrong as in "against the Even Flow";

Going wrong as in "mishandling our natural, God given systems through sheer ignorance, superstition and false indoctrination of the ages".

Going wrong as in "stubbornly refusing to replace the old illusions with EXPERIENCE, no matter how much it hurts us".

To find our way back to how it's all supposed to work requires, however, that we let go of just about EVERYTHING we've ever been told is right or true about the World, about people, and about the energy system and go right back to the drawing board, challenging EVERYTHING and demanding that EVERYTHING prove itself to be real, workable and effective - not as a faceless herd of statistics in a laboratory but FOR ONE PERSON AT A TIME, in their own World, in their own life.

Now, in this brief article there isn't the space to get into the details of what, how and why - all it is designed to do is to start your thinking and investigation into your own energy households, what you do with energy, where you lose it, what's REALLY going on WITH YOU, where there are shortcomings in vital nourishments in YOUR LIFE. I'll give you a tip though - if you start with the forms of energy I referred to in the title of this article and do nothing else but pay some attention as to what YOU PERSONALLY are DOING with those types of energy, you will gain some very interesting insights, right away.

I would like to leave you with one "little" exercise to back up my assumption that in order to make a brand new understanding, one person at a time, of how to work within the Oceans of Energy and experience this World, this life in a "first person", "you and me" LOVE AFFAIR with the Universe that NEVER ends, we HAVE to challenge ruthlessly what has gone before.

Kundalini ....

I went through a stage where, just for fun, I would do the exact opposite of what it said to do in a learned, dusty book of the ages.

You know about Kundalini, right?

Goes up your spine and when it rises, you're supposed to get instant enlightenment (and/or madness, just so we have some severe reservations and can't be congruently willing this occurrence any longer!).

Just for fun, try the following. First, try the standard "Kundalini Rising".

Start with the base chakra and try and make the energies go up and out to your star chakra.

Consider how that felt.

Take a break for a moment (walk around, drink some water, "break state").

Now, try Silvia's "Kundalini Falling".

Start at the top with the star chakra, connect it up with the Universe, and then let all that boundless, incredible energy run *downwards* through your chakras.

Compare the the two experiences. Especially, answer these questions on the following points:

  • Which is more "user friendly"?
  • Which is "easier to do"?
  • Which "feels better" whilst you're doing it?
  • Which "feels righter" whilst you're doing it?
  • What is your overall state of mind/body/spirit AFTER these two exercises, respectively?
  • Which one of the two would you do again, tonight perhaps, tomorrow and every time you need a boost?
  • Which one of the two do you reckon does your energy system more good, and which does more harm?
  • Which one contributes more to a sense of connectedness to the Universe?
  • Which one contains more aspects of information transmission and GAINING something from the exercise?
  • Which one would you show to a loved one, or a child?

Ok. It's a personal experience, what can I say.

JUST YOUR EXPERIENCE, not some holy guru's declaration straight down from Heaven or a hugely expensive "scientific" study by important people with heads the size and weight of those found on the Easter Islands.

Just what YOU felt.

I would tell you though that you feel isn't right or wrong, it's what YOU FEEL and that's what is THE ONLY TRUTH AND THE ONLY REALITY for your own energy system.

Keep paying attention to the Oceans of Energies *and your perceptions and experiences* amidst their manifold currents but most of all, *keep on playing*.

That, as they say, is always a step in the right direction.

And the ONLY way to learn to KNOW.

Silvia Hartmann

20. 05. 2002

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