Modern Stress Management (MSM) 20-Page Intro Brochure x10

Modern Stress Management (MSM) 20-Page Intro Brochure x10

This high quality 20-page Modern Stress Management (MSM) brochure is the perfect accompanimentย to your one-day MSM workshops and gives the reader all the basic knowledge they need to be able to go from stress, to SUCCESS!

MSM 20-Page Brochure

20-page "Stress to Success" Modern Stress Management introduction brochure, created by Silvia Hartmann.

Includes visual and text guides on how to use:

  • Modern Stress Management techniques
  • The Energy Body Stress Chart
  • Heart Power
  • Positive EFT
  • Mind Power
  • The YES Principle
  • And many others!

Price: ยฃ1.99 for each brochure. Sold in multiples of 10.

  • Bulk 33% order discount available on orders of 30 brochures (x3) or more!
  • Additional discounts for GoE (AMT) Members and DragonRising Bronze, Silver and Gold Customers.

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