Introduction to the SUE Scale Video with Silvia Hartmann

Introduction to the SUE Scale Video with Silvia Hartmann

Youโ€™ve probably already heard that the old SUD scale is being replaced by the new SUE scale, but we know from some of your emails that many EFTers donโ€™t know how or why to make the switch.

In June, Silvia Hartmann (author of Energy EFT & chair of The AMT) gave a presentation called โ€œIntroduction to Energy EFTโ€ and weโ€™ve extracted and uploaded a 7 minute excerpt that will teach you everything you need to know to keep your EFT practice up-to-date...

Free Web & Hi-res SUE Scale Diagrams

All EFT authors and web owners may take full advantage of these free-to-use SUE diagrams, or you can create your own:

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About this Excerpt

The full-length presentation is 45 minutes and is a free download for anyone who has purchased Energy EFT (either paperback or ebook).

On 5th September 2012, the paperback is being re-launched with โ€œIntroduction to Energy EFTโ€ and โ€œTeaching Energy EFTโ€ presentations on a free video DVD which we know your clients will find extremely useful.ย 

Silvia Hartmann will also be delivering the key-note speech on โ€œThe Power of the Positiveโ€ at this years EFT & Energy Conference in November.

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