Taking Away Crippling Back Pain With EMO

Taking Away Crippling Back Pain With EMO

Dr Terry Lynch from New Jersey has put together a wonderful case study from June this year, in which she treats a 76 year old man with advanced prostate cancer, taking away crippling pain in his back.

As a modality, EMO, is easily adaptable to almost any setting. The primary settings I have used in my practice of EMO has been in my home office or through Skype on the internet.

Here I am working with clients who are looking for energy work or holistic methods to guide their healing pathways and where the client practitioner dance is easily established.

Yet, in my role as a physical therapist, several of my clients have been homebound and I have had the opportunity to utilize EMO in this setting.

The following case study gives witness to the remarkable results that can be achieved with this modality.

The gentleman was a 76 year old Haitian man with a diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer. I was seeing him for reconditioning following a debilitating series of radiation treatments which left independent movement at home difficult and taxing for him.

As we worked together towards getting him out of bed to sitting and walking, he complained of low back pain. He said some of his cancer went to his back and for the first visit we worked through the pain and he was able to find a level of independence at home following our visit.

On the follow-up visit he was doing well with his movement around the home, but on getting up felt his back pain was worse. I explained to him that I have a healing modality that I would like to try with him for his back pain called EMO and he said he would try anything.

He was sitting on the side of his bed and I asked him, "Where does it hurt?" "Show me with your hands."

He put his hand on his left lower back region. 

I said, "Now say to the pain to soften (I waited as he focused on the pain with the intention to soften) and, now, ask it to soften and flow." He responded by nodding his head as his focus turned to the thought.

“Soften and flow,” I repeated and waited.  "Is it moving?” I said as he looked up and he responded, "Yes."

I asked, "Where is the pain going? Where is it leaving?" He said it was leaving down his right leg and at one point out of the hand that was on the erea. After repeating this again, he said, "I think the pain is gone." 

I asked him to stand up and take a few steps.  He said the pain was gone completely.  He looked at me and said, "Are you a minister or something?"  I responded no and told him I was a healer.  I found it interesting how he immediately connected his healing and absence of pain to a spiritual event.  I guess I should have told him as an EMO Practitioner that I was a "spirit specialist!" 

I left him with instructions to repeat this process if and when the pain returned. I also reminded him to discuss his pain management with the nurse on her next visit. When leaving the home, the patient reported that his pain had not returned.
I came back for one final discharge visit. The patient’s family, including grandchildren, went to the door and greeted me with great smiles.  His wife confessed to me that she thought when told a physical therapist was coming that there would be nothing I could do for him. She was glad to say she was wrong. But the most amazing aspect of the visit was when I asked the patient, "How's the pain that had been in your back doing?"  He said with a smile, "It never came back.  It's gone."  I NEVER expected that answer.

There is great speculation when spontaneous healing events happen in the medical world and the variety of factors that may be influencing the outcome; yet no matter what the argument that would arise in this case, we have a gentleman in the latter stages of cancer pain free and a family grateful for the respite it brings to them and their loved ones.

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Dr Teresa Lynch
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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer & Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer in Hillsborough, New Jersey, United States.

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