Tapping Therapy โ€˜Curesโ€™ Soldiers PTSD

Tapping Therapy โ€˜Curesโ€™ Soldiers PTSD

Conducted on a group of United States Military Veterans suffering from PTSD, a new ย study has found that 90% of those receiving Emotional Freedom Techniques therapy no longer met the clinical criteria for the psychological disorder. With such compelling results, the UK's Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies praises the study, while urging everyone suffering from PTSD to come forward and accept the benefits of EFT.

The following press release was issued by The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies on 14th February 2013...

Since 1998, The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies (AMT) has committed itself to the study of Modern Energy Works. Today, following the publication of ground-breaking results from a U.S study into Emotional Freedom Techniques and PTSD, the Association is urging everyone suffering from a psychological disorder to step forward and accept the help they deserve.

The study, conducted by the Foundation for Epigenetic Medicine in Santa Rosa, split fifty nine Military Veterans suffering from PTSD into two groups. One received the latest EFT or 'tapping' therapy, with the other signing Veterans up for standard care. The study's astonishing conclusion found that 90% of those receiving EFT treatment quickly fell out of the official clinical criteria for PTSD, compared to just 4% of those receiving standard treatment.

In short, the official report published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease confirmed that EFT is an effective treatment for persons suffering from PTSD and related psychological disorders.

The results come as game-changing news for GOE, which is the world's first certifying body behind EFT, with 446 licensed members currently practicing. The Associations Founder and current Chairperson, Silvia Hartmann, 53, brought the technique to England in 1998, just a few short years after it was first developed by Gary Craig.

"When people have been in very traumatic situations, their energy system is extremely disturbed and that produces the wide range of physical and psychological symptoms that expresses itself in uncontrollable emotions. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is designed to deal with these extreme emotions and that is why it works so well," says Hartmann.

Since those early years GoE has worked tirelessly to promote the technique and license qualified practitioners. The benefits of EFT have also been welcomed by a band of celebrities including Paul McKenna, Louise Hay, Michael Ball, Madonna, Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole.

AMT invites anyone needing help to make contact for dignified and anonymous therapy sessions. Those wanting to try EFT alone will also benefit from 'Energy EFT', a powerful book written by Hartmann and accompanied by an informative DVD.

"The book and DVD are being utilised by people up and down the country. The first ten minutes of the video presentation allows users to try EFT for themselves, before gaining a deeper insight into the practice. Particularly popular among busy people and those who struggle with reading, it really is changing lives everywhere," Hartmann adds.

As further studies into EFT continue to be conducted around the world, GoE plans to remain at the helm of its research and stands ready to accept anyone and everyone who requires their help. The Association is particularly interested in hearing from UK soldiers who may be unable to rid their PTSD through traditional approaches.

For more information, visit: http://TheAMT.com

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