Tappy Bear as a Door Opener!

Tappy Bear as a Door Opener!

Thoughts of a large bottle opener come to mind with a title like this one, yet how else would you describe the fact that it is through TappyBear that many wonderful opportunities to share the gifts of EFT with others have been able to present themselves, that otherwise would have stood before a closed door...

Take Deborah Miller who inspired by an opportunity, found herself with a TappyBear in arms at a pediatric oncology ward making children that were in pain laugh after TappyBear and tapping had reduced their pain markedly.  The Head Oncologist visibly impressed by this tapping thing that she did,  invited Deborah to return to the ward and she has done so for the last 3 years.  You can read her Blog at http://www.oaxacaproject.com/ and do watch this revealing video of Deborah at work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OajzRBwjh8

Then there is Lorena Garces, a school psychologist who one day was tapping with TappyBear and a group of 4th graders on TappyBears fear of the upcoming math test. The average score improvement was so impressive that it caught the School directors eye.  In Quito Ecuador only 12 months after this incidence, already 3 schools have had all of their teacher body trained in a basic level 1 EFT class.  Every elementary classroom has their own TappyBear so that the children can use Tappy as a means of tapping any negative emotions away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHnhOEEa2BQ

Similarly all over the world many people are having positive EFT / Tapping  experiences with the inclusion of TappyBear.  Not all efforts lead to the high level of success as is the case of Deborah and Lorena, but with thousands of TappyBear’s in over 47 countries the possibilities of multiplying or emulating the effect are there. After all is it not about getting the Tapping process out to the world?   Tami Close, inspired by a short note about EFT & Schools, decided to take her Tappy into an elementary school and minutes later all kids were tapping out of playfulness. A small act of tapping that most likely affected the life of one of those children present, yet we shall never know the positive evolution of that particular case, but we know that its repercussions will be multifold.

Almost on a weekly basis at TappyBear we get letters of gratefulness as Tappy is allowing families to tap in a playful and easy way.   “We received our Tappy Bear package and my 8 yr. old grandson, Charley, was very receptive.  In fact, he was ecstatic.  He loves Tappy Bear (soft and cuddly - even asked if he was alive!) and we HAD to take him to the park and zoo.  He loved the DVD/CD music and tap-a - long too. While we were watching the DVD, I began coughing (have a cold), and my grandson says "Noni, could you save your coughing for later?" Now that's a child who wants no distraction!”  Victoria Blue Tucson, Arizona

The results of any tapping session are always amazing; now just imagine how it could be even easier if done so in a playfull and loving way through TappyBear.

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