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TappyBear: EFT For The Child And Child Within

TappyBear: EFT For The Child And Child Within Till Shilling writes: It is my intention to bring EFT to all children. Over and over again I have noticed that the real fears and obstructions in adults lie in childhood events. I want to encourage everybody, parents and therapists, to concentrate on these events with children. Recently new dimensions have opened for the use of TappyBear. It is being used not only as a teaching tool, but also as a mirror-image surrogate tapping pal.

Two girls with Tappy BearHow did the idea for TappyBear come about?

TappyBear was actually created by my oldest daughter who simply one day decided to sow some buttons on her bear, after I had explained to her what EFT was all about and she repeatedly she expressed initial confusion about โ€œexactly where?โ€ she was supposed to do the tapping.

One day I saw her with her cousins in her room explaining to them with the bear on her lap how you were supposed to tap. This lead to the original idea, followed up by a second event whereby she again had friends over and they asked why the bear had spots on him. She could at no risk of being un-cool talk about EFT to them.

This is where I started to do some EFT for the "Why not!" on the concept of producing a teddy bear with the tapping points marked out clearly. I knew I was plunging into an area where I had no previous knowledge as well as no-one to contact for assistance. So I started reading up on the manufacture of teddy bears and all of what goes into the design. Once the mayor concepts were clear manufacturers were contacted.

How was Tappy Bear tested?

Initially the original bear with buttons was used for personal experiments not only for teaching EFT but also using it in my practice as what I call a "tool for direct access to child core issues". Some of the first prototypes were sent to practitioners who then used TappyBear not only as successfully as I had, but even going further into the realm of surrogate tapping, and even using TappyBear for โ€œinner childโ€ EFT seminars.

How did TappyBear go into production?

This is an absolutely intriguing chapter, as I have worked previously in product development, and know that many a times it takes anywhere from 12 to 20 months for a finished product in our warehouse to be available for sale. From idea to finished product we just took 8 months and I must truly say, as if guided from above, we were truly blessed to reach the right people the first time who not only assisted us in the production but also were fascinated by the idea of EFT themselves.

Who buys a TappyBear?

Right now the users are EFT practitioners as well as their clients that have seen and felt the added advantage that the use of a simple cuddly TappyBear brings to their session. At home people have reported more discipline in their personal tapping, as the bear being 15 inches sitting height sits on their bed looking at them gently reminding that they surely have something to tap on!

What has their response been?

Here are two testimonials I have received which are very representative of what people say:

Hi Till and All

Just wanted to let you know that Tappy is wonderful for any surrogate work on yourself. I wasn't getting
anywhere with EFT yesterday so I sat down to meditate with Tappy for company and did some TAT on Tappy as my inner child. Thanks Till for creating such a wonderful friend for the child in all of us.

Lots of love
J from AU

PS It goes without saying that Tappy is wonderful for those parts of us that have never had a voice that anybody wanted to hear

I have worked with an EFT client almost every week for 6 months who cries a lot every time she is here. It happened when she would talk about โ€œ;mother issuesโ€, and not feeling loved as a child.

A month ago I added TappyBear to our session, and had Tappy beโ€little Susieโ€. She could hold and send love to Tappy/Little Susie, while I tapped on her. No tears!

The next week, she got through to almost the end of the session with no tears, only a minor amount.
We used Tappy again, this time tapping on TappyBear as โ€œlittle Susieโ€; The next week we got through an entire EFT session with no tears even though we worked with โ€œMom issuesโ€ again.

Thank you Tappy Bear!

Any particularly interesting case examples?

Dear Till,

Tappy BearAs you know, I am an elementary school counselor as well as an EFT practitioner. I have been doing both, group and individual counseling at school with TappyBear. Now that I have 5 TappyBears, each child in the group gets his/her own TappyBear to work with, and the students love that!

Currently, I am working with students PK - 6th grade in both groups and individual counseling. It's amazing how responsive to TappyBear all of the students are, both boys and girls, no matter what grade.

Many of my students are already familiar with EFT and tapping because I've been teaching them about it. For those students, having TappyBear just adds to the fun. They also like "giving their energy" to TappyBear and tapping for themselves surrogately.

For students new to EFT, or for students who are very angry or distrustful, it is such a non threatening way to introduce EFT to them.

Last week I had just such a student. One of our upper grade children who has a lot of issues to deal with, including one parent incarcerated, a sudden and very unexpected death in the family, and sudden death of a beloved pet.

This student was saying things like, "I want to hurt myself." - "I might as well die." This student, new to our school, didn't know about EFT. Using TappyBear, I explained briefly about the body's energy system and meridian points, and we used TappyBear to tap on.

The student responded immediately and positively. After a few rounds on TappyBear, we switched to tapping on ourselves. It was just awesome how easily the student learned the process. I also noticed that the student continued to hold TappyBear even though we were now using our own body points.

Several days later I had this student in a group, and it was just beautiful to see that changes had already taken place. Instead of the depressed, angry, and somewhat hopeless student I had first encountered, there was now a smiling and enthusiastic one, eager to explain all about TappyBear to the members of the group.

So far, here's what I've seen with TappyBear:

1) the children are fascinated about the "spots" and want to know what they are for if they don't already know about EFT, or, if they do know about EFT, they like to explain what the spots are for;
2) they are very open to giving their energy to TappyBear and tapping for themselves surrogately (we always take our energy back when we are through!),
3) after tapping on TappyBear, they easily can switch to tapping on themselves,
4) most of them will want to continue to hold TappyBear, even when we aren't tapping on him, and
5) they all want to take him home with them!

This is really long, but I wanted you to know what TappyBear has been up to so far!

Feel free to use this anyway you like. I want everyone to know how wonderful TappyBear is!

Love, hugs, and blessings
Syandra Ingram

How do you see the future for TappyBear?

Till ShillingTappyBear is still a fairly new product. Yet in the few months that it has been out and offered to the public, it has sold hundred fold, and in over 14 countries. Practitioners from all over the world that are working closer to children, as well as practitioners that realize the value that a TappyBear has in getting the client to tune in to their inner child quicker.

It is my true belief that EFT is a significantly powerful tool for everyone to tap in to their self healing with a minimal of time effort and specific subject knowledge.

From fibromyalgia to migraines, from chronic pains to acute distress, I have seen EFT work like nothing else will. Applied to by trained masters the results can be catalogued as miracles.

Children benefit immensely by this method, because they still have access to their inner strength, something that as adults we have been conditioned away from. I have seen more one minute wonders with children than adults, who try to explain everything away.

TappyBear will play a significant role in the expansion of EFT as it works like an ambassador to children, who might be reluctant to parental/teacher style teaching.

TappyBear just IS. No judgment, just deep understanding and loyalty to their owner. TappyBear is used by many a client as a tapping partner and as such becomes an object of affection and energetic value.

Till Shilling
April 2007

Tappy Bear with CaseTappyBear is a soft beige 15inch plush Bear. Besides its trusting blue eyes, Tappy comes marked with soft plastic buttons exactly where the EFT Tapping Points are located.

For easy handling and convenience, TappyBear comes with a Blue cotton embroidered carrying bag.

Get your TappyBear today for only $39.99 and become part of the TappyBear family!

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